Encourage your Scouts to receive the full KISC experience of International Friendship, Eco and High Adventure. To achieve this badge, you will have to complete requirements based on all our programme areas. Incorporate this award in your week to ensure a balanced programme during your stay! 

All ages
Complete 2 requirements from each area.
Possible to achieve
All year round
Scout Badge Challenges


CHF 3.00

High Adventure Requirements

  1. Stay overnight in a mountain hut.
  2. Have a swim in an alpine lake.
  3. Climb a mountain path over 2'000 meters above sea level.
  4. Learn the correct use of a compass and navigation skills on the self-guided Compass Course.
  5. Take part in KISC guided hike, Snow & Ice activity or Climbing activity.

Eco Adventure Requirements

  1. Take part in an Evolving Alps Hike (guided activity).
  2. Do either Alternative Energy Workshop or Solar Workshop (guided activity).
  3. Take part in the Juicinator or Nature Explorers (guided activity).
  4. Follow the Green Chalet Trail or Green Campsite Trail (self-guided activity).
  5. Get over 50 points in Eco I Spy (ask at reception for a copy).

International Friendship Requirements

  1. Complete a KISC Service Project on our campsite.
  2. Present a table for the International Evening.
  3. Do an activity with Scouts from another Country. 
  4. Perform a song or skit from your country at the International Campfire.