For those wanting to take part in a Winter Programme full of variety and challenges, why not work towards getting the Winter Activity Award? If you are looking to introduce your Scouts to the Winter Wonderland that is Kandersteg, this is the award for you! It will provide great suggestions for Winter activities to include in your programme and how to truly experience the magic of KISC in Winter.


14+ years old
Complete 7 requirements
13 years old and below
Complete 5 requirements
Possible to achieve
in Winter
Scout Winter Award Badge


CHF 3.00
  1. Help build a snow shelter such as an igloo or a snow cave.
  2. Discover the causes and dangers of avalanches and methods of protection against them.
  3. Be aware of and understand hypothermia.
  4. Try snowshoeing either as a guided or unguided activity and learn the names of the mountains surrounding Kandersteg.
  5. Build a snowman or some other snow sculpture.
  6. Experience the Oeschinensee Sled Run and learn how to make sledding safe.
  7. Try an ice activity - Curling or Ice Skating.
  8. Try a traditional Swiss Winter meal - Fondue, Raclette or Rösti.
  9. Spend a day learning how to cross-country or downhill ski.
  10. Reach the historical Gemmipass and learn about the famous Altels avalanche.
  11. Take part in a KISC evening activity.