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The speech that changed everything

The dream of Sir Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the World Scout Movement.

London, 1920, Olympia: Baden-Powell delivers an electrifying speech that sparks a global search for the first International Scout Centre. A place where bravery, tolerance, compassion and friendship can thrive, where Scouts of the world can come together and feel like they belong. A place that feels like home. Fast forward three years and that dream came alive in the Swiss Alps. We opened our doors on 21st May 1923, and the rest is history.


The Permanent Mini Jamboree

Where you can meet the world in the Alps.

More than just a Scout Centre, we believe in international cooperation. That’s why we do what we do. To show the world what’s possible when young people come together from different backgrounds, cultures and nationalities. This is true for our guests and staff. Baden-Powell called it goodwill; we call it kindness. So no matter where you are from or where you are going, you’ll feel welcome.

The mountains are calling

And you're invited.

From the moment you step off the train, 1'200 m above sea level, you know you're somewhere special. Close to nature and away from the distractions of everyday life, you'll find nowhere else like Kandersteg. That's why Baden-Powell chose here. A place where you can pitch your tent under the stars, climb mountains with your friends, paddle across lakes and enjoy stunning sunsets at the end of each day.


A better world is possible

It really is that simple, it’s why we exist. To leave the world a little better than we found it.

No challenge is too great, no mountain too tall. Change is always possible. It just requires action. That’s why we teach young people every day to develop new skills and believe in themselves. So that when they return home, they feel able to take on anything. That’s the spirit of Scouting.

A centre for all Scouts

It’s our mission to keep KISC open to as many young people as we can.

As a non-profit, we work really hard to keep our pricing fair and affordable so that as many young people as possible have the chance to experience KISC. That’s why we also offer discounts based on WOSM’s A to D model for our accommodation prices.


Our values

What values we hold in high regard?



We are the International Home for Scouts and Guides
We create chances for our guests and staff to develop their skills through the connection to nature and each other. We connect with one another through Scouting, its values and our commitment to creating a better world.

Youth Empowerment

We encourage and empower young people to be active promoters of peace and the creation of a better world.
We provide opportunities for our guests and staff to develop and challenge themselves both physically and mentally. Giving young people responsibility over their own tasks and encouragement to interact and learn from other cultures so they can create change in their communities.

Global Perspective

We recognise, respect and value people’s differences, no matter where they are from or where they are going.
We bring Scouts together from all across the world, to unite them in the friendship of Scouting, and to empower them to address the most pressing issues facing society, through our programme and the diversity of both guests and staff.


Our sustainable mindset includes our social, financial, and environmental sustainability.
We are dedicated to promote a deep understanding of sustainability. We continuously strengthen our foundations, championing transparency, innovation, and resilience, and join forces with the village of Kandersteg and its residents to bring about a meaningful and symbiotic relationship.

What can you expect from KISC?

  • Memories and friends for life
  • Breathtaking alpine scenery
  • Service Excellence based on Scout Centre service standards according to our values and principles
  • Hard working, helpful and highly motivated international team of volunteer Staff who always do their best
  • Wide range of self-guided or guided activities and programme advice

What KISC expects from you?

  • To follow your Scout Promise & Law
  • To inform us of any problems during your stay
  • To respect other Groups and our volunteer staff
  • To help staff with cleaning the facilities you use as we are a Scout Centre where we help each other
  • To positively represent Scouting, your country and KISC when in the village and travelling in Switzerland

What they said about us

We are friends with our community

Staying at KISC really opened our minds to what scouting means all over the world. It was an enriching experience for both camp staff, leaders and kids.

Pfadi Obere Emme

Most staff are volunteers from all over the world and they were all friendly and went out of their way to assist us. Staying here has been one of the highlights of our Europe holiday.


There is a probably no other single place on Earth that exemplifies the Scouting Spirit more than KISC. The awesome scenery leads to appreciating the beauties of the world and the joys of the outdoors!


Ein Besuch im KISC gibt einen Einblick, wie Pfadi auf der ganzen Welt gelebt wird. Für die Teilnehmenden und auch für uns, war der Aufenthalt sehr bereichernd.

Pfadi Obere Emme

Workshop, Fire, Backwoods
Thank you KISC staff for our wonderful stay. KISC was very welcoming and helpful. The view is amazing and the rooms look awesome.

Troop 225

guest, programme, dunking
Super awesome lodging and camping. Clean, efficient, awesome "Pinkie" staff. Superb locale. Go Scouts!


Living the Dream since 1923

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