Tips to plan your stay

Helpful tips to plan the perfect group trip


Decide about the timing

We are open 365 days a year. Every season has its own magic - you can enjoy KISC as your summer camp or winter holiday destination, but also as a conference venue in autumn or spring.

If you are looking for a truly international experience, the best time to come is in late June, July, and August. The peak of the season is over the 1st of August, and that is when the Permanent Mini Jamboree shows its full power! During other months, the international atmosphere is still present, but we have more accommodation and programme availability in the summer.

Tips to plan your stay
Tips to plan your stay

Start planning early

Parents and guardians appreciate when leaders are organised, and the earlier you get dates and cost estimations out, the more young people will have the chance to get involved.

Once you have decided on your final dates, check the accommodation availability and send us your booking request. Be prepared that there will be a prepayment required to confirm your booking. Advanced planning also leaves you with more time to raise funds if needed. 

Consider fundraising options

We know that, for many of our guests, travelling to Switzerland can be financially difficult.

It is our dream that every Scout should have a chance to visit KISC at least once in their life! If funding the trip is one of your major concerns, then consider company or community fundraising, applying for grants in your country or using crowdfunding through different platforms. 

Get Inspired
Tips to plan your stay
Tips to plan your stay

Contact KISC Ambassadors

In some countries, we have established KISC Ambassadors' networks.

Our Ambassadors can help you with questions related to your travelling options from your country and your other country-specific needs. They can provide you with their trip advice and experience. However, the Centre's current staff carry out all official communication regarding your stay and provide you with the most up-to-date information. 

Check out the KISC Ambassadors

Tip for large groups

Would you like to bring a larger group to KISC? We have experience hosting groups of all sizes, including larger groups of 100+ and even 500+ participants, as well as large conferences and special events.

Organising a trip for a large group requires a lot of planning, therefore we recommend reaching out to us well in advance to ensure availability as well as any special arrangements. The planning team can contact us directly, and we will be more than happy to go through the needs and specific arrangements for your group. If you have not visited KISC before, or have only been here with a smaller group, we suggest that the planning team visit the Centre beforehand to get a better understanding of available services. We can also further discuss the specifics of your trip.

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Know the category of your NSO

Do you know in which country category your National Scout Organisation belongs to? We may be able to apply a discount on your overnights.

KISC follows the WOSM fee payment system (all countries categorised as A, B, C or D) and thus gives Scouts a discount of up to 75% on overnights, depending on the guests country of residence (A-C). Scout groups must state in which pricing band they fall and be able to prove their eligibility for it. Special agreements are excluded.

Tips to plan your stay
Tips to plan your stay

Set the right expectations

What is so special about a Scout Centre? How are we different from a hostel or hotel?

A Scout Centre like KISC instantly feels like home. The home-like atmosphere is created by the volunteer staff, services and educational value of our activities. Just like family members help each other at their own homes, we ask our guests to help us with little things like cleaning after meals or rooms after your stay. Our volunteers will do their best to make sure your visit at KISC is comfortable and enjoyable.

Get ready to Recycle

At KISC, we do our best to minimise our environmental impact and the amount of waste we generate. We invite you to join our efforts!

When staying at KISC, you will be introduced to the Swiss recycling rules and asked to follow them. Our staff are more than happy to give advice and help when you come to recycle. It will be your group's responsibility to take care of your own rubbish and recycling. A great idea is to assign one or more persons from your group to be in charge of the group’s recycling during your stay. Doing recycling and learning about it is an excellent opportunity for Scouts and leaders to become more aware of the environment and how they can protect it with their personal choices and actions. Learning about how we recycle at KISC is also part of our Eco Award. Go through this gallery to know how we separate recycling categories!

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