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Whether you're looking for a fresh start, career break, gap year or something else entirely, we've got the role for you!

All of our jobs are vitally important to what we do - from our Helper and High Season Staff to our Short and Long Term Staff. You could find yourself in catering, hospitality, outdoor education, communications or management! Whatever your role is, you can be confident you’re making a positive contribution to international Scouting and making a difference in the lives of young people worldwide.

Become a Pinkie!
Become a Pinkie!

Write your CV in the Alps!

It's a chance to gain real-life experience in a busy work environment, welcoming over 12'000 guests from more than 50 different countries every year.

Being a Pinkie is your opportunity to develop the attitude, behaviours and soft skills you need to make a positive change in the world. Whether it's at home, work, school or in Scouting, we aim for every one of our volunteers to leave KISC feeling empowered and ready to take on the world.

Achieve your goals

Coaching and support to help you succeed in life.

Have you ever jumped on a train without knowing where it was going? We didn’t think so. So why do the same with life? We all need a destination in life; otherwise, we end up in places we don’t want to be. That’s what we teach at KISC. We train, coach and develop you with the skills, confidence and courage to find your destination and achieve your goals. All so that when you jump back on the train of life, you know exactly where you’re going and which stop to get off at.

Become a Pinkie!

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Become a Pinkie!

Make a difference

Creating a better world of sustainability and peace since 1923.

More than just a Scout centre, KISC is a place that embraces international friendship, raises awareness of global issues, encourages youth empowerment, and drives change. It’s what our volunteers have been doing for decades, keeping Baden-Powell’s dream of a Permanent Mini Jamboree alive for 100 years.

Join our Pinkie family

Be part of our History.

Fun fact: We haven't always worn Pink. In Summer 1989, our uniform changed forever, and the 'Pinkie' name was born. From then on, our volunteers have worn Pink, and we've never looked back. More than just a T-shirt, the colour Pink helps us stand out from the crowd, giving us a sense of pride and a feeling of belonging. By becoming a Pinkie, you'll be joining a family unlike any other, with almost 5'000 ex-staff from around the world. 

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Become a Pinkie!

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