Be prepared for activities

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Equipment lists

The alpine environment is world famous for its beauty but also its unpredictability. It is essential that all of your group has the correct equipment for both guided and self-guided activities.

The kit list was developed for both the safety and enjoyment of your group. Please bring everything on this list and remember that for some of the activities, the kit list is essential, and without it, you won't be able to join KISC's or externally guided activities. Some activities have special equipment that is specified on that certain activity page.

Check the equipment lists
Be prepared for activities
Be prepared for activities

Safety at activities

We have various regulations and guidelines in place to help groups minimise the risks of going into the mountains.

All our KISC-guided activities have current risk documents. Our safety documents are for internal use within our organisation and ensure that all KISC-led activities are provided safely and enjoyably. As a participant in any KISC-led activity, you accept that by participating in the activity, you will expose yourself to risks and hazards that may affect your health and physical integrity due to the nature of the activity. 

We encourage groups to make risk assessments for any self-guided activity, and we provide the necessary support for this, such as self-guided hiking routes and detailed descriptions of externally guided activities.

We also work closely with The Scout Association (UK) to allow UK groups to follow national regulations. More about the regulations between The Scout Association and KISC can be found in the following documents  Regulations for Summer and Regulations for Winter.

Route Cards

In the interests of safety, all groups going hiking, climbing, mountain biking, snowshoeing, etc., must complete a Route Card.

The Route Card records the group's intended route, group details and return time, and it's left at Reception. It must be signed by the leader in charge of the activity and checked by a Staff member to update you on the current status of the route and suitability for the group. If it is KISC guided activity, then the guide will look after your route card. If a group has an overdue route card, we will start an immediate search.



Be prepared for activities
Be prepared for activities

Activity Cancellations

We have many groups wishing to do activities, and once an activity is booked, we have to turn other Scouts away.

We may charge a fee for any changes to your programme booking, and in the event of cancellation with less than 7 days notice, we charge 50% of the activity cost per person or CHF 5.00 per person, whichever is larger. Changes and cancellations done within 48 hours before the start of the activity will not be refunded. If an external company runs the activity, different cancellation policies will apply, and you may have to pay in full. Please think carefully and plan a realistic programme.

External Activities

We work with several external suppliers to run certain activities and provide other services.

All activities which external suppliers run are listed as activities Guided externally. By purchasing a service from a third party, you accept the terms and conditions specified by the provider. We accept no liability for services brokered through KISC, which a third party provides. KISC handles the invoicing in the name of the provider.

Be prepared for activities

Programme & Catering

Once you have your activities planned, it is your responsibility to ensure that the meals you book with us fit in with these activities.

Our meal times are planned with activity times in mind, so it is possible to plan your activities and meals together. The food you will need for activities varies depending on the duration of the activity. Each activity detail provides you information if meals are included in the price or need to be booked separately. 

Half day activities

Challenge activities or Workshops do not require you to bring a meal. These activities usually finish at 12:00 in time for lunch or dinner at 18:00. However, bringing a snack with you is recommended as some activities can be strenuous!

One day activities

For most one-day hikes and climbing courses, you will need to bring a packed lunch, but you will be back in time for dinner at 18:00. We recommend you order a packed lunch made during breakfast time.

Overnight activities

For two-day hikes or hike & climb activities, you will need a packed lunch for both days. For activities staying in KISC's mountain huts, you will need to either bring your own dinner and breakfast or book a hut food package. 

Meals & Self-Catering

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