For groups that are coming to experience a whole week of skiing, this award will encourage you to learn more about this popular sport while developing your own skills!

14+ years old
Complete 7 requirements
13 years old and below
Complete 5 requirements
Possible to achieve
in Winter
Scout Ski Badge


CHF 3.00
  1. Ride 3 different types of ski lifts, from rope tow, t-bar, chair lift, gondola and cable car.
  2. Ski or snowboard down a blue run with controlled, linked turns. Learn how the grading of ski slopes work.
  3. Explain the 10 FIS rules of the ski slopes.
  4. Play a group ski game, such as "human slalom".
  5. Learn how to climb small slopes on your skis.
  6. Learn how to read a ski map and track where you went during the day.
  7. Know about and understand hypothermia.
  8. Take part in a group warm-up and learn the importance of warming up.
  9. Demonstrate how to carry your skis safely.
  10. Share a ski lift with somebody you have never met and say 'Hello'.
  11. Learn how to say "snow" in 5 different languages.