This award takes you high up into the World famous Swiss Alps. Explore the surrounding mountains, learn navigation skills and find out how the Alps were formed. This is an excellent opportunity to challenge yourself!

14+ years old
Complete 7 requirements
13 years old and below
Complete 5 requirements
Possible to achieve
in Summer
Scout Badge High Adventures


CHF 3.00
  1. Stay overnight in one of our mountain huts: Ueschinenhutte or Gfellalp.
  2. Take part in one of the Centre’s guided hikes or a self-guided hike.
  3. Take part in one of KISC's climbing activities.
  4. Swim in an alpine lake.
  5. Hike to 2'500 meters above sea level.
  6. Do the compass course.
  7. Take part in one of KISC’s Snow & Ice activities or stay overnight in the Blüemlisalp Hut.
  8. Take part in one of KISC’s Challenge activities: Jacob's Ladder, Crate Stacking, Zip wire, Beginners Abseiling, Low Ropes, and Team Building Challenge.
  9. Take part in a water activity.
  10. Learn the 7 leave no trace principles and act accordingly during your activities.
  11. Go to the high adventure room and learn how to tie three new knots
  12. Take a picture with five mountains and learn the names of them.
  13. Locate the High Adventure Geocache in the campsite