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The 'Scouts International Home' Association was founded with the Centre in 1923 and has since then developed into the 'Kandersteg International Scout Centre' Association. For more than 95 years, hundreds of people have been Members of the Kandersteg Association and helped to support the Centre. Among the first members were Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell and Walter von Bonstetten, key founders of the Centre, as well as Colonel Kenneth MacIntosh, an American who was very supportive of the Centre, and J.S. Wilson, famous as the warden of Gilwell Park. Today, you have also a chance to join these Members and sign under the further development of the Centre.


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Maintenance Assistant


Maintenance Assistant
Working as a Maintenance Assistant is such a cool thing, and the learning outcome is enormous. Working with the maintenance of several buildings, machines, service devices, makes your knowledge and creativity grow a lot! The job includes everything from fixing broken light bulbs to broken tractors, welding and sawing, repairing bikes, building tables and furniture and even renovating areas of the Centre. Besides my professional development, I have also gained skills to work in an international environment which is a unique and developing experience. So do you want a life-changing experience, develop your technical skills and enjoy the fantastic mountain life of Kandersteg? Well, what are you waiting for ?!