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The 'Scouts International Home' Association was founded with the Centre in 1923 and has since then developed into the 'Kandersteg International Scout Centre' Association. For almost 100 years, hundreds of supporters have become Members of the Kandersteg Association and helped to support the Centre. Among the first members were Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell and Walter von Bonstetten, key founders of the Centre, as well as Colonel Kenneth MacIntosh, an American who was very supportive of the Centre, and J.S. Wilson, famous as the warden of Gilwell Park. Today, you have also a chance to join these Members and support the further development of the Centre.


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KISC Director
If you are passionate about Scouting and working with youth, as well as management and leadership, you might find this one of the most interesting jobs in the world. Being Director of KISC means leading the World Scout Centre, both in terms of its amazing volunteer staff team and the development in the areas of international friendship, sustainability and adventure. It also means running a medium size hospitality operation and managing all aspects of it, from the food catering services to the guests to the housekeeping, and from marketing to risk management. I learnt a great deal in a variety of areas, and also got to experiece Scouting at many levels. To me, one of the most exciting aspects of this role is how you have the opportunity to have a real positive impact in peoples lives.