This award is ideal for younger Scouts or groups only staying here for a few days. It will help you appreciate Swiss culture and discover Kandersteg. 

14+ years old
Complete 7 requirements
13 years old and below
Complete 5 requirements
Possible to achieve
All year round
Swiss Explorer badge


CHF 3.00
  1. Visit one of our alpine lakes.
  2. Try a traditional Swiss meal like Fondue, Raclette or Rösti.
  3. Describe any two of the animals that can be found around Kandersteg.
  4. Discover the Village Museum.
  5. Walk the marked Wanderweg trail to Höh and marvel at the view from the local look-out point.
  6. Participate in one of the Centre’s self-guided trails or hikes.
  7. Find out why Switzerland’s country code is CH.
  8. Learn about Switzerland’s national flower.
  9. Visit any other village around Kandersteg.
  10. Discover Blausee during a hiking day.