Helpers - BP Fellows Event at KISC

Open position

The World Baden-Powell Fellowship (BP Fellowship) recognises individuals for their contributions to the World Scout Foundation to help support Scouting. The BP Fellowship receptions are periodically held in

Helper period
3-8 October 2023
Application deadline
Reviewed on an ongoing basis

Helpers - Summer 2023

Open position

Join us and volunteer during the 100 years celebration throughout summer 2023! Helpers work together with the Long Term Staff and Short Term Staff, preparing meals, cleaning facilities, and checking guests in and out of their accommodation. If assessed, they also lead activities for guests during the busy weeks. If you would like to come back to KISC in the busiest period and have a positive attitude towards work in all the different areas of the Centre, we look forward to receiving your application.

2 weeks or more
3rd June - 31st August
Staff training
3rd June - 11th June
Programme training
12th June - 25th June
Not needed
27th July - 9th August
Reviewed on a rolling basis

Assistant Guest Services Director

Closed position

The Assistant Guest Services Director works closely with the Guest Services Director to ensure an excellent guest experience. The role manages the guest feedback and supports the guest services teams to provide the permanent mini jamboree experience to guests. In the summer, the Assistant Guest Services Director is responsible for managing and supporting the Summer Chalet Services Short Term Staff. During the centenary year at the Kander100 event, they will be responsible for the Info Centre - the main guest contact point.

10 Months
Start Date
1 February 2023
End Date
5 December 2023
Deadline for Applications
31 October 2022

Assistant Programme Director

Closed position

The Assistant Programme Director works closely with the Programme Director to ensure a high quality of services and activities. The role oversees the risk and safety management of 40-50 different KISC Programme activities varying from hiking and climbing, challenge and high adventure activities to workshops and safety/ risk management training activities. During the summer/winter high season, the Assistant Programme Director is responsible for managing and supporting Programme staff as well as being heavily involved in training staff to run activities safely.

12 months - option to extend
Start Date
1st February 2023
End Date
1st February 2024
Deadline for applications
15th December