Choose your date and accommodation

Start by browsing our accommodation options and checking availability.

Once you’ve found the right date and accommodation for you, complete our accommodation request form. Including when you would like to visit, the duration of your stay, and a few details about your group. If you’re visiting from outside of Switzerland and need a Visa Support letter, just include this in the comments section of your accommodation request.

Reception Staff

Make your Prepayment

Once we have received your accommodation request we will make you a ‘provisional’ booking.

This will only be confirmed once you have made your prepayment (worth a minimum of 50% of your total accommodation costs). Depending on the date we receive your request, and your arrival date, we will send you a provisional booking confirmation by email, which will include a prepayment deadline. You can make your payment by bank transfer or with PayPal (4% fee). We recommend smaller groups use PayPal to avoid larger bank transfer fees.


Register on our website to request other services

Once your accommodation is confirmed you can request other services like catering, programme and equipment hire.

Registration will give you access to our online booking forms, price calculators and Wishlist functionality. A login also enables you to save forms, and come back to them at a later date. Once we have received your booking requests we can then check our availability and let you know more.


At KISC, we serve three meals a day, so you can have all your meals catered by us. If you have decided to self-cater, you can order certain food products and collect them from the Chalet to cook on your campsite or in a rented guest kitchen. Through the buttons below you can book meals catered by KISC or the food products.


We offer a wide range of activities run by our staff, self-guided activities or some that are guided by external companies. Select the time of the year you are staying with us to request activities available during your stay.


If you are staying on our Campsite, then you do not need to bring all of your heavy camping equipment with you, you can request the cooking and camping equipment from us. When staying indoors, then you can rent a guest kitchen where you can cook for a group of up to 20 to 40 people. When coming in Winter, we can arrange ski and snowboard rentals with a special scout discount in the local rental shop in the village.