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Risk Management

The success of the Centre is based on many factors and a very important one is the ability to keep Scouts and staff safe from harm.

The success of the Centre is based on many factors and a very important one is the ability to keep Scouts and staff safe from harm. For this reason, the KISC Association Committee has approved a Risk Management Policy in its meeting of April 29, 2017, to ensure the commitment of the Centre to manage risk at many different levels. Below you can find relevant information for leaders, guests and parents of those visiting KISC. You can also read more about our policies here.

Safe from Harm

“Kandersteg International Scout Centre is committed to ensure the safety and the well being of all staff members and guests staying at KISC”.

The aim of our safety commitment is to provide a safe yet stimulating environment in which young people may develop spiritually, mentally, physically and socially, safe from harm.

KISC shares the responsibility for creating a safe environment, and therefore its Duty of Care, with all guests, visitors, participants, staff and volunteers including the Association Committee. This is made explicit in our General Terms and Conditions.

KISC does not accept any harassment or discrimination of age, sex, sexual orientation, gender, religion, ethnicity, physical or mental conditions or any other form of unintentional or intentional harm. Observations of misconduct or intentional harm on the KISC premises or during KISC guided activities are to be reported immediately to the KISC Director. Our Safe from Harm policy addresses in detail many relevant and important matters to KISC, such as, Child Safeguarding. 

Safe adventures

KISC is situated at 1’200 meters above sea level, high in the Alps of the Bernese Oberland - the perfect location for adventurous activities

KISC has a number of procedures in place in order to minimise exposure to the risks of going into the mountains. Additionally, we undergo an on-site inspection to keep the high safety standards of our equipment and procedures.

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Doctor & Hospital

If a minor injury happens during your stay, e.g. bleeding knee, small cut, we have staff who are trained in basic first aid. However, our staff can not and will not administer drugs to any of our guests under any circumstances.

If the injury or illness has a more severe character, we strongly advise you to visit a local doctor or go directly to the nearest hospital in Frutigen (10 km away). In case anyone in your group has a medical condition which requires regular medication, the treatment should be arranged in advance with the group leader. We do have a fridge which can be used for keeping medicine.

Directions to Doctor and Hospital

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