This award focuses on exploring our unique alpine environment while educating you about current environmental issues. It aims to encourage you to take action and leave the world a little bit better than you found it.

14+ years old
Complete 6 requirements
13 years old and below
Complete 4 requirements
Possible to achieve
in Spring, Summer, Autumn
Scout Eco Badge


CHF 3.00
  1. Take part in the Evolving Alps Hike.
  2. Complete a guided or self-guided hike.
  3. Get more than 40 Points in the Eco-I-Spy.
  4. Take part in a Juicinator workshop, Solar workshop, Nature Explorers or Backwoods workshop.
  5. Share in your social media, how  KISC classifies the garbage before recycling and why recycling is important.
  6. Collect trash during a hike and bring it to the recycling centre at KISC.
  7. Take the  Astronomy booklet and learn more about the stars covering our sky.
  8. Bring a booklet about alpine plants  on a hike and  find at least 5 plants from the booklet (ask for it in reception).
  9. Learn the 7 leave no trace principles and act accordingly during your activities at KISC.
  10. Locate the Eco-Adventure Geocache on the Campsite.