Activity overview

Climb high along the mountain, with waterfalls and ancient rock face.

This is the perfect introduction to Via Ferratas in a spectacular setting, leading up to Engstligenalp along the breathtaking waterfall from Unter dem Brig Adelboden. This activity is suitable for families.

Start the Via Ferrata at 09:15. It usually takes around 3 hours. Times might change according to the weather and the group’s ability.
  • Price Adult: CHF 59.00
  • Price Child: CHF 59.00

Price includes safety equipment and instruction from a mountain guide.

Guest cancellation: the activity provider's guest cancellation policy can be found here.

Important information 
  • A leader or responsible person over 18 years old must be present as part of the group
  • Inform the guide if any members of your group have any learning disabilities or medical conditions. E.g. Asthma, allergies or if you have recently received any medical treatment.
  • This activity is provided by an external company. By purchasing a service of a third party you are accepting the terms and conditions specified by the provider. We accept no liability for services brokered through KISC which are provided by a third party. The invoicing is handled by KISC in the name of the provider.

Meeting Point: Unter dem Birg Bus Stop, Adelboden

By road: 45 min

  • Directions to the Via Ferrata can be seen on the map below.
  • Adress: Bergbahnen Engstligenalp AG Unter der Birg 3715 Adelboden
  • The guide will meet you at the bus stop Unter dem Birg, you can park here outside the Engstligenalp Cable Car Station.

By bus: 1 hour - 1 hour 30 min, 1 change

Bus tickets can be booked through the online form under the name "Bus to Adelboden". More information about the bus can be found here.

  • Price adult: CHF 36.00 (return ticket)
  • Price child: CHF 18.00 (return ticket)
  • Price adult Unter dem Birg: CHF 39.00 (return ticket)
  • Price child Unter dem Birg: CHF 19.50 (return ticket)

Guest cancellation: the guest cancellation policy for the bus can be found here.

From Kandersteg to Adelboden:
Bus 230 departs from Kandersteg 07:58 11:58
Arrive in Adelboden Oey  08:57 12:57
Change to Bus 232, depart from Adelboden Oey 09:03 13:23
Arrive at Adelboden Unter dem Birg 09:18 13:38
From Adelboden to Kandersteg
Bus 232 departs from Adelboden Unter dem Birg 12:40 16:40
Arrive in Adelboden Oey 12:51 16:51
Change to Bus 230, depart from Adelboden Oey 12:56 16:56
Arrive in Kandersteg 13:54 17:54


Additionally you can change buses at Mineralquelle. If you choose that option, please check the map in the document attached.

  • Comfortable clothes
  • Strong shoes
Awards & Badges 

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Summer (Jun, Jul, Aug)
Guided externally
30 - 60 km away
Duration 4 - 6 hours
Price adult 
CHF 59.00
Price child 
CHF 59.00
Programme theme 
More adventure
Group size 8 - 30
Minimum age limit 
from 12 years