You can find relevant changes and safety measures in the KISC Concept for Operation.

Yes! After a brief closure during the coronavirus pandemic, the World Scout Centre reopened on 1 July 2020.

No. As Switzerland begins to introduce mandatory quarantining for certain countries we are not able to accept guests from those countries until they have completed their quarantine elsewhere. For a full list of countries affected please see the Swiss Federal Council website.

We offered a full refund to all our guests who could not travel to us during July or August 2020, providing they met one of three conditions:
  1. The Swiss borders are closed to your country 14 days before you are due to arrive.
  2. The country you are travelling from has banned international travel during the time of your booking at KISC.
  3. Your National Scout Organisation (NSO) has banned international travel during the time of your booking at KISC.
If your booking does not meet one of these conditions, was made after October 1st 2020, or you're arriving after September 30th 2021, you will need to follow the requirements in our Terms and Conditions, and we recommend you contact your travel insurer. Please remember, that we have also extended the amount of time you have to cancel from 90 to 14 days – with the same cancellation fee (40% of your total overnights), regardless if you cancel now or 14 days before arrival. Alternatively, we are encouraging our guests to consider moving their booking with us to an alternate date in the future or donating their pre-payment.

Yes, it is a requirement that we provide hand disinfectant at the entrance and exit of the centre, and where we are providing catering services. However, it is also important that you bring your own personal disinfectant too. This will help us reduce the risk of transmission. 

All refunds due will be paid by the end of 2020 and all groups that have been affected have been contacted.


All of our guests are able to book breakfast with us. However, we are only able to offer lunch and dinner to larger groups who book with us in advance. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, our capacity to offer everyone the option to dine with us for lunch and dinner is not possible. 

If you do wish to have catered meals with us, please submit a meals order form through our website and our Reception team will let you know the availability.

There is no doubt this will be a difficult year for KISC financially and we would be very grateful for any and all donations. Your support during these difficult times will help us weather this storm and safeguard the Permanent Mini Jamboree for many more years. Here are some suggestions on how you can help:

  • Book a stay with us!
  • Make a donation
  • Become a Member of our Association
  • Help us promote KISC in your home country, by becoming an Ambassador
  • Help us renovate by sponsoring a room.
  • If you can't make it this year, you can also donate your prepayment.

Thank you!


Yes, to help us comply with the guidance laid out by the Swiss government and public health authorities, we are asking all guests to bring with them some specific hygiene items which will include disinfectant and face masks. 

Yes. If your booking was affected by the pandemic we are encouraging all our guests to consider joining us in a different month or year. You are welcome to move your booking, including any pre-payments to an available date in the future.

You will receive an email notification from us confirming that your refund has been processed.

All refunds will be made by bank transfer.

Yes, providing we follow the guidance issued by the Swiss government and public health authorities. 
We have a duty to keep the Permanent Mini Jamboree open and alive for many years to come, and reopening to guests who are able to travel here this summer will help us ensure that. 
We accept that in some countries, National Scout Organizations and Governments have issued guidance that makes travelling to KISC harder, and in some cases, impossible. That’s why we are also urging everyone to follow their own country and NSO rules, before attempting to travel.

To travel safely, you should follow the health and safety guidance provided by both your government, the Swiss government, NSO and travel provider. 

Yes, a distance of 1.5 metres is currently being observed by staff and we expect guests to follow this in some form as well.

Yes, both our campsite and indoor accommodation reopened on 1 July 2020.

Absolutely! Now that we are open again we are going to need lots of enthusiastic Pinkies to help keep Baden Powell's dream alive. You can find our current vacancies here.

If your government has banned travel to/from Switzerland during the time of your booking at KISC and your booking was made before October 1st 2020, you are entitled to a refund. 

No. However, we would strongly encourage you to claim from your travel insurance. 

We will update all our guests by email if we are forced to close again for any reason. Please check our FAQs regularly, which we are updating when there are changes.

We are following the guidance set out by the Federal Office of Public Health Switzerland

Our number one priority is the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone at KISC. In March, the advice from public health authorities worldwide and in Switzerland, meant we could not guarantee that.

We are continuing to play our part in reducing the risk of transmission of the virus.

Our staff will all be issued with face masks. We are not able to provide guests with them, you will need to bring your own.