Due to safety and privacy concerns, we do not allow guests to fly drones on our property. 

Swiss UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) Policy:

The EU drone regulation applies in Switzerland from 1 January 2023. This means certificates are required for drones above 250 grams. The minimum age for flying a drone is 12 under the supervision of an accompanying person who is at least 16 years of age and has the required skills. Maximum flight altitude of 120m above ground level; Authorisation must be obtained from the FOCA to fly higher. The drone must bear a class identification label (C0, C1, C2, C3, C4) and a CE marking. A drone without a CE marking cannot be flown (exception: The drone is self-built). For more information please read the Swiss Drone Policy.

Our sites have different sizes ranging from 15 - 80 people. We measure them in the number of people they can fit and will allocate you a campsite according to the number of people in your group. 

We aim to provide each group with their own campsite. Although if your group is small and there is enough space for two groups, it may happen that you will share your campsite.

Unfortunately driving on the campsite is not allowed. Our campsite is car-free. However, we have Trolleys and post carts available to transport your materials from the parking spot to your campsite.

There is Wi-Fi available on the campsite at the shelters, Campsite Office and the main Chalet.


Yes, of course! You can rent tents, dining and kitchen tents, tables and benches, stoves, cooking sets and gas from us. We also have several items available for a deposit, incl. adaptors, multi-plugs, gas regulators, axes, mallets, etc. For more information and prices see the bottom of our Accommodation page.

We have a limited amount of pioneering poles in different lengths from 1 m to around 5 m. We can offer each group approximately 15 poles for pioneering for free. Pioneering poles are not allowed to be modified or cut in any way. In case pioneering poles are returned damaged, we will charge CHF 20 per damaged pole. 

We do not offer any kind of ropes or material for pioneering. Please bring your own ropes. You can buy ropes in smaller amounts in the village.

It is not allowed to have fires on the ground. Open fires are only allowed in our shelter fireplaces, marked campfire circles and fire barrels. To empty the fireplaces, we have ash bins around the campsite.

We offer Propane gas and Butane gas. Propane gas costs CHF6/kg and Butane CHF16/kg and will be charged after usage. The gas bottle gets weighed before given out and after you return it. The difference is what you have used and will be billed. 

Most European regulators adapt to the Swiss system. You need a regulator with a 21.8mm x 1/14" left thread. We have a limited amount of regulators available for a deposit of CHF 20 at our Campsite Office.

We separate our toilets/ showers for male and female. Unfortunately, it is not possible to separate for leaders and children. 

We have limited fridges and freezers available for guests. All fridges are for shared usage, and the food needs to be labelled with the name of the group. Fridges cannot be booked for personal use and need to be shared.

Electricity is not available on our campsite. To charge your phone or other electrical devices we have a limited amount of guest lockers with plugs available. In exceptional circumstance for electricity on the campsite, please contact our Staff Team before arrival. 

As the ground is very rocky, we recommend you to bring solid iron pegs!

This varies from campsite to campsite and can be from very well drained to very muddy. We have a good amount of wooden walkways and pallets to help groups on muddy campsites. You are not allowed to dig any trenches or holes into the ground, as this will destroy any grass on the site and affect the experience of other campers coming to the site after your stay.