Of course! Some positions might require previous staff experience, but then it would be explicitly written in the essential requirements. 

Once a volunteer at KISC has completed a season at KISC and officialy become "ex-staff", they can enjoy discounts on overnights and catering when booking their stay. If you are ex-staff and booking your stay to come back, please make sure you mention that you have been staff in the past!

If you are already in the process of getting it, it is okay to send it to us within a few days from sending us the application. If you happen to be selected and we will not have your passport, your spot will be offered to someone else.

In the first couple of weeks of the season we will be training all of our volunteers—therefore it is important that you are available for the whole time. If you won't be able to join for the full training, we might need to consider offering the vacancy to people on the waiting list.

Our Short Term Staff are here on an entirely voluntary basis. However, there are a lot of other benefits included, such as accommodation, food, accident insurance and staff programme. You would have to organise and pay your travels here yourself, possible visa fees and some pocket money to cover your personal expenses while in Switzerland. 

We do not guarantee any direct financial support to Short Term Staff. However, we do our best to fundraise money and apply for different projects to provide some extra support.  Long Term Staff receive a monthly pocket money of approximately CHF 400.- .

If you don't have an EU/EFTA passport, you will stand a better chance if you are under 35 years old at the time of your work period, as that is the age limit for the visas we can receive. Once you are selected, all necessary for the work permit will be organised with you.

In general, we only take Helpers who have been staff before—especially during the busy times when we don’t have the capacity to train non ex-staff. Those busy times are usually also the only times we would need Helpers for. Therefore, it would very much depend on the time of the year and our Helper needs. Sometimes we do take Helpers who haven’t been staff before, but if we have plenty of requests from ex-staff to return as Helpers they get priority.

Sometimes KISC offers the possibility of an internship. In these cases, we will have the opportunity showing up in the Jobs & Volunteering page. If no internship positions are available, you may still choose to do your internship at KISC, either as Long Term Staff or Short Term Staff, for which particular frameworks and same selection processes apply.