Fundraising for your adventures

In Scouting, we get so many cool opportunities and chances to experience amazing things but sometimes getting the money together can be a bit of a challenge. But fear not! I am here to share with you some of my favourite fundraising ideas and inspiration to get you going.
Written by Gráinne (IE), Short Term Staff Summer 2020

Getting started

First things first, make sure you use your friends, family and fellow Scouts to help you out. When I was planning my trip to Roverway in 2018 I had the help and support of my Scout group to brainstorm ideas and get me started.

We eventually decided to do some bag packing in a local grocery store where we packed customers shopping in their bags and they kindly gave us a donation. It was time-consuming but definitely worthwhile. Sometimes when you're fundraising it can feel like you’re getting nowhere and it's not worth it, but there’s no better feeling than counting up all the donations you've received to find out you actually did quite well. After all, every penny counts!

Another time, when I was getting ready to go to Austria for an annual camp, we did a whole lot of baking and sold loads of cakes and treats. I can 100% recommend this because everyone loves a freshly baked cake. The yummy smells lure them in and they won’t be able to resist! It also doesn't cost that much as you can bake with whatever ingredients you already have at home.

Some more fundraising ideas:

  • Host your own event or BBQ! You could charge anyone attending a small fee or donation for the food (you could even try contacting a local butcher or grocer to donate some food).
  • A quiz night is always a cool idea that's really quick and easy to organise. You could ask people for donations to take part, or you could even do a raffle and try and get some prizes donated.
  • Try running a disco for younger Scouts, where you can ask them to pay a small fee for coming along and enjoying the music.
  • Sponsored cycles, walks or swims are also really popular. You could make some posters and hand them out to people locally and make a sponsorship sheet to leave in a local shop or hand out to friends and family.
  • Have a head full of hair? Why not try a sponsored shave, where you donate your hair to a charity or wave goodbye to your beard - this is always a brave and fun way to raise money.
  • Ask your friends, family or neighbours if they have any small jobs you could help out with. Things like washing cars, cutting grass or watering flowers in exchange for a small donation. These are great ways to raise small amounts of money, but also help people out and build relationships with your local community.
  • If you've got lots of old stuff, you could also try a Yard Sale or Car Boot Sale. It's a great opportunity to get rid of anything you don't need any more (rather than throw it out) and also make a little money on the side.

Remember, you can always ask your leaders, parents, friends or Scout group for help if you need it! Fundraising with Scouts can be daunting and sometimes challenging but there are so many different and fun ways to do it. It may take time and effort, but it always pays off in the end.

I hope this helped and gave you some inspiration and motivation to give fundraising a try yourself. Thanks!


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