Unveiling game-changing activities for your Summer!

Our Programme is growing, and we are excited to share a few new activities with you!

The Centenary celebrations in 2023 were a success, but as we move forward, our programme is growing, too!

And what better way to welcome 2024 than to introduce three new activities to make your summer experience at KISC even better?

Want to find out more about them? Keep reading!


Discover the uniqueness of Scouting in different countries

Does your passion for Scouting go beyond borders? Then the “World Scouting Workshop” is ideal for you! Spread across four engaging sessions, you will dive straight into the history of Scouting, KISC’s heritage and milestones in international Scouting. All of this through interactive games.

Explore stories behind National Scout Organisations, the 5 Scouting Regions and big global Scouting events. Are you sure you know all about the World Scout Jamboree, JOTA JOTI, or the Rover Moot?

Uncover the richness of Scouting cultures around the world as you join us in an educational, exciting adventure!

Do you want to know more? Worry not. Find out more here.


Empowering the leaders of today

Are you ready for an unforgettable journey? Right in the heart of the Swiss Alps, the “Leadership Training Hike” to the breathtaking Gasterntal valley is perfect for Explorers and Rovers. Wonder in Switzerland’s natural beauty as you develop your leadership skills through experiential learning, and plant behaviours like empathy, self-awareness and communication, core elements of guiding teams towards shared goals.

Hop on this adventure! Find out more here.


Ignite your spark for Human Rights

Have you ever wondered how you contribute to Human Rights? If so, we would love to introduce you to the “Scouts for Human Rights” workshop!

Find out why they are so important and discover how, as a Scout, you promote equality and justice. Not only is this workshop held by trained leaders, but it’s also developed by the United Nations Human Rights Office - and that’s what makes it so special. After this workshop, you will have a better understanding of the inspirational Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and will be able to discuss how you can create a meaningful impact in your own community.

Ready to take on some action? Find out more here.


Did anyone say new badges?

We still have a few tricks up our surprise sleeve for this Summer. A few of them might even come in the shape of badges - perhaps related to the beautiful Alpine Huts around Kandersteg?

Stay tuned to find our fresh news as soon as they come out!

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