Our new Staff and Members Scarfs

You may remember that just over a year ago we gave everything a bit of a makeover. From a new and improved website to a refreshed crystal logo. Nothing escaped our reach... that is except our collection of scarfs! Until now.
New KISC Scarf
Not just a scarf...

Our six new scarfs celebrate the work of our volunteers in their different roles. Like us, they are all unique, but once you unravel them, we find they are united by three key elements: Our service to Scouting, the "fire of friendship“ and the iconic alpine landscape of Kandersteg. These three elements are illustrated by different icons, representing the spirit of KISC our staff and guests experience - it’s not about the appearance on the surface, but the meaning within.

Let's take a look:

Staff Scarf

This Pink scarf is (surprise surprise) for our volunteers, the Pinkies! You can only get your hands on one of these by completing a season at KISC! It holds a strong meaning to our staff, as it represents their journey in Pink. It's also given as a symbol of gratitude for their service to the World Scout Centre.

Helper Scarf

This Green scarf is for our Helpers, also known as Greenies! Our Helpers are often made up of ex-staff, and they help to keep the centre running smoothly throughout the year. This scarf is awarded to them at the end of their first stint as a Helper, as a symbol of appreciation and gratitude for their service. 

Member Scarf

Our light blue scarf is just for members of the KISC Association. The good news? Anyone can become a member, including you! Members are an important part of how KISC operates, as a non-profit we depend on support from all our Members, helping us in our mission to keep Baden-Powell's dream alive. You can read more about how to become a Member here.

Life Member Scarf

This very special rainbow scarf incorporates every colour from our new collection. It has been created especially for Life Members to thank them for their significant financial contribution and service to the ongoing operation of KISC as a non-profit. You can read more about how to become a Life Member here.

Committee Scarf

If you're fortunate enough to be a member of our Committee you also receive a dark blue scarf. The committee is an important part of our organisation, regularly meeting at KISC to help shape our direction and future development. It seemed only fitting that their service is also rewarded with a Committee scarf of their own. 

Ambassador Scarf

Last but not least, is our Ambassadors scarf! This eye-catching little number is reserved for those who help represent and promote KISC overseas. The orange helps them stand out from the crowd, during their important work as Ambassadors to the World Scout Centre. You can see our current group of Ambassadors here, as well as find out how to become one yourself. 


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