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By becoming a member of the KISC Association, you are supporting the Centre and its vision of international citizenship and peace!

As a Member, you also get to participate in the General Assembly, stand for election to the Committee, and actively contribute to the strategic direction of the Centre. We have different membership types for individuals (starting from CHF 25.00 to CHF 50.00 per year), businesses, Scout Groups (CHF 50.00 per year) and National Scout Organisations (CHF 200.00 per year) to support KISC. If you are already a Members, you can proceed to our members section. We will soon launch a members portal where you will be able to access all your membership data.

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Donation heroes
Donation heroes

Be a hero, donate to KISC

Kandersteg International Scout Centre is a not-for-profit organisation. The Kandersteg International Scout Centre Association has over 500 Members.

None of the profit is distributed to KISC Members, all profit goes back into KISC operation. If you want to make a donation of any amount, this goes directly to our operations' budget and helps our teams to deliver the best service possible. You can donate via PayPal or bank transfer. If you want to make a donation for something specific idea, contact us and will help you work out the details.

Donate a chair

One of our sponsoring options is to 'buy' a KISC chair. Chairs cost CHF 150.00 and will have a plaque with the wording of your choice on it.

You can buy a chair for yourself, your group or as a present for someone. The chair will remain in the Chalet with the plaque you wished to have. The money goes towards paying for the chairs and other furniture in the building.

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Donation heroes
Donation heroes

Sponsor a room

Help to upgrade the standard of the facilities and help us re-decorate the rooms.

This type of support is especially suitable for National Scout Organisations and Scout Groups. By a single donation, depending on the size of a room and reconstruction needed, you sponsor a room for 15 years carrying the name of the NSO or scout group. Contact us if you would like more information about this possibility.

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