A final goodbye from Jack

After five years of running the World Scout Centre, leading the way for more than 20 seasons and welcoming thousands of Scouts, the time has come for Jack (UK) to close the door to his office one last time and pass the key on to Pani (ES), the new Director of Kandersteg International Scout Centre.

At the end of May, Jack (UK) will officially hand the director's role over to Pani (ES). After years of dedicating his time to Scouting and the Permanent Mini Jamboree, he will be closing this chapter of International Scouting. Throughout the past months, he has been preparing for the handover but also reminiscing on old memories. A lot of habits or activities that will be the last for him to join. The last training week with the new Short Term staff, last Work Parties, the last time that the duty phone will ring for him to pick up. 

'It's an exciting time to handover. I think there are so many opportunities out there, in the future. An exciting moment for a new team to come in, and to think about what KISC should be like in the future, how can it lead the way and inspire Scouts from around the world.'

Besides the Director role, Jack has been in a few other positions at KISC. Going back all the way to 2010, when he was a Short Term Staff himself in the summer season, followed by the role of Reception Manager in the Long Term Staff team. In a video, where he was shown photos of his time at the Centre, he responded with surprise and a laugh at all the adventures he was part of. 

In his goodbye message, Jack thanked all the Scouts he met throughout his years at the World Scout Centre, expressing how much of a magical experience it has been to welcome more Scouts from all around the world than ever before during the Centenary year in 2023.

'Without you, as we saw in the pandemic, it is just a chalet in the mountains. It is only when you're here, that the Scouting spirit comes alive. [....] Thank you, it has been really magical to get to meet all of you here.'

He also thanked the staff, all the Pinkies who came before him, those who worked alongside him, and the future generation of Scouts whose time as a Pinkie is yet to come. 

'It has been a pleasure to be alongside every one of you, in the difficult moments, the exciting moments, all of those special ceremonies and events, and things that we have achieved together. It has been a real pleasure to wear pink, proudly, and to have been able to be the Director.'

We thank you, Jack, our Jack from the UK, our karaoke singer, our boss and fellow Pinkie, for everything you have done not just in the past five years but for your hard work and your helping hand throughout the 14 years of your journey at KISC. 


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