The First Digital Work Party

Midway through Spring 2024, software developers from around the world descended on KISC for the first Digital Work Party.

With the weather unsure what season it currently was, a group of 7 software developers from around the world arrived at KISC for the first-ever Digital Work Party. The team had a challenge to begin design and development on a new KISC app and spent the week prototyping and discussing key app features, meeting the Pinkies, exploring the Swiss Alps and advocating for the benefits that digital transformation can bring to KISC. The Digital Work Party was quite unique compared to other work parties, where it had a very defined remit, away from the rest of KISC’s operations. Typically, work parties work closest with pinkies to help get the centre ready for the next season, but this work party was focused on kicking off a longer-term project, with scope for future volunteering remotely.  

"It was a great week seeing all the amazing things KISC has to offer in a short space of time while being able to make a meaningful contribution to the centre using our digital skills to help it welcome even more people more easily. Already counting down the days to the next one!" - James (UK)

The week had a great mixture of working, getting to know the Pinkies and exploring life at KISC, as the group spent half the week working on the project and the other half doing activities in and around KISC, alongside a comprehensive social programme taking place in the evenings. Work parties are an excellent opportunity to experience the best of KISC while getting to make a great contribution to the centre, with their accommodation and meals covered by the centre for the week. Everyone arrived with a variety of expectations and pre-existing knowledge, having only met each other virtually once, but very quickly bonded and got down to working on the project while falling in love with life at the World Scout Centre. The group’s work on the app mainly focussed on having a prototype by the end of the week, narrowing it down to seven key components, from interactive maps and personalised timetables to linking on-site groups together. Each member individually chose to work on the component they liked the most while still exchanging help and tips between the seven of them. 

"Spending the week at KISC with the other members of the work party has been an incredible experience, that was filled with so much enthusiasm to work on the app together, but also lots of laughter and amazing memories! Already looking forward to the next one to see where we can take this project!" - Chris (DE/AU)

The road to the final, working app prototypes included going through feedback on what should be included in the app submitted by Pinkies and the group themselves, to drafting up several different pages not only digitally but also on paper. This process spanned four days of working, and the group managed to achieve quite a lot more than was originally anticipated. At the end of the working week, the team presented their work to the KISC Senior Leadership Team, showcasing the process to get to the prototypes, as well as the prototypes themselves, while also discussing the benefits the chosen features will bring to KISC staff and guests. Through conversations with staff throughout the week, all of whom already knew about the project, the Work Party was able to ascertain the priorities of staff across the board and ensure that their chosen objectives aligned with these. 

In the evenings and on days off, the group took part in numerous activities organised by KISC, ranging from the wood-fired sauna and karaoke nights to board games nights and campfires. The work party week was an incredible experience for everyone who took part, and some of the group have already applied to return to KISC as staff. Everyone is looking for an excuse to return and is excited to see guests using the KISC app once it launches over the years to come. 


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