2021 at KISC

2021 will be a unique year for KISC. While we are not able to offer all our normal services, there are still options so that you can come and stay with us this year.

Back in early 2021, the Committee of the World Scout Centre took far-reaching measures to adapt to the continuously changing pandemic. Staff levels were reduced to the absolute minimum level to conserve funds. Our traditional Programme and Catering offers as well as other usual services will remain on hold until at least 1st February 2022.  

If you are planning to stay with us throughout 2021, it is possible to book indoor accommodation in the Kanderlodge either as a group or as an individual. During the Summer, it will also be possible to camp on the Rovergelände campsite. 

Indoor Accommodation - The Kanderlodge 

For group bookings, with exclusive use of the building, there will be a minimum charge of 25 people per night. For individual bookings, 10 en-suite rooms will be available. There will be a minimum stay of 2-nights for both groups and individuals and an additional cleaning fee will be added. Additionally, we have 5 studios available in the Kanderlodge for rent on Airbnb. The minimum rental period for these studios is 1 month.  

The Main Chalet. Sunneblick and the Tower will be closed during 2021.  


The Rovergelände campsite will be available between 9th July until 15th August and there will be a maximum overnight capacity of 50 people per night. Unfortunately, there will be no campsite rental equipment available. We will provide fire barrels and wood on request. The main campsite will not be available in 2021. 


We are welcoming self-sufficient campervans (including own toilet/shower) in our parking area next to the Kanderlodge. During Summer, it will be possible to use the campsite toilets and showers.


Catering services will not be available. Guests will need to be self-sufficient. The only available kitchen will be the communal Kanderlodge kitchen for groups with bookings there. No rental catering equipment will be available. 


While many Scouts and Guides may not have the opportunity to visit the Centre physically this year, we are determined to keep delivering Baden-Powell’s dream of a Permanent Mini Jamboree. We are delivering an expanding online programme offer with a selection of educational workshops and interactive games, giving Scouts and Guides the possibility of experiencing the World Scout Centre from the comfort and safety of your home. 

We will unfortunately not be offering any physical programme this year at KISC, this includes any rentals or external tickets and activities. 


There will be no physical shop operated at KISC. However, it will be possible to make purchases through the KISC online shop. This will offer a simplified product range. Orders will be shipped at the beginning of each month. Orders can also be placed online for pick up at KISC.  

Looking ahead 

Kandersteg International Scout Centre has been the home of international Scouting for almost 100 years, and this won’t stop because of COVID-19. We are determined to keep our doors open in the run up to our centenary in 2023 and well into the future. You can help us achieve this by supporting the Centre. Join the KISC Associationsign up a friend, make a donationor even make a bookingwith us for the future. Every action you take will make a huge difference to the Permanent Mini Jamboree. Helping us weather the storm and safeguard Baden-Powell’s dream, so we can recover as quickly as possible once the pandemic has passed. 

You can find more information about our temporarily limited services here.

“A Scout smiles and whistles under each difficulty”, the Founder of World Scouting once said; this is now so true for KISC when times are hard. But, after every storm, the weather clears, and the mountains regain their magic and beauty. We look forward to once again welcoming you to Kandersteg International Scout Centre, and in 2023 celebrating 100 years of inspiring young people to create a better world. 

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