Back to the Future – KISC to resume full services from 20th December 2021

In January this year, and in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the KISC Committee sadly had to make the decision to reduce the Centre’s activities and services in order to minimise expenditure and protect the future of KISC. But now things are looking brighter again. We’re delighted that the KISC Committee has agreed to resume full services from 20 December 2021.

Looking back

We said goodbye to many of our staff, closed most of our buildings, and set up the KISC offices in the Kanderlodge. The Centre was still open, but only with limited staff services and without the experience of the full Permanent Mini-Jamboree. 

We kept Baden-Powell’s dream alive by setting up an online programme with topics ranging from Being a Pinkie to Emergency First Aid for Cubs – and reached a wider range of countries through our virtual programme than we normally do.

It was a summer like no other, but with hard work and ambition, new opportunities began to appear. The Berlin Opera Academy rented our closed buildings for two months over the summer for their workshops. Families in campervans from Switzerland and Germany booked onto our main campsite and enjoyed the spectacular views. And 21 Scout Groups and Guides from across Europe camped on the Rovergelände throughout the summer.

Looking to the future

And now we’re starting to look forward again. With the success of the vaccines and international travel starting to open up, we can make plans for the future once more.

We’re already recruiting staff, and from 20 December 2021, full services at KISC are planned to be available – including activities, accommodation, and catering options.

You can book your visit now in the normal way through our website, or by getting in touch with us directly.


If you’ve already made a booking for 2022, you can be confident that KISC plans to be open throughout the year.

And if you want to visit before 20 December, you can still book indoor accommodation in the Kanderlodge or camping on the Rogergelände, as you have been able to do throughout 2021. However, KISC services will still be limited until 20 December.

You can learn more about our recently opened volunteering opportunities at the World Scout Centre.

You can find out more in the updated FAQs.

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