Shop Manager

Closed position

Only accepting applications from EU/Efta countries for this role. The Shop Manager is responsible for the efficient running of the KISC Shop with updated stocks (souvenirs, sweets & drinks), develop the shop offer with new deals and sustainable materials, oversees the shop income and expenditures (together with the Finance team). If you would like to get an insight on how to run a Shop and you have a basic financial understanding, we look forward to your application.

12 months
Start date
15 November 2023
End date
30 November 2024
Application deadline
30 September 2023

Summer Catering Assistant

Closed position

We are looking for two catering assistants to join us for the summer season. The catering assistant works with the other members of the catering long-term staff to lead, guide and coach the short-term staff, high-season staff and helpers, and provide meals for our staff and guests. They are responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the catering operations, including hygiene and food safety, the quality and timeliness of served meals and creating an inspiring, safe and fulfilling work environment.

4 months
Start Date
May 5th, 2024
End Date
September 1st, 2024
Deadline for applications
January 3rd, 2024