Project Planning, Project Management, Operations
3 years
Start Date
5 January 2022
End Date
5 January 2025
Deadline for applications
31 October 2021
Open position
The Deputy Director for Internal Services is responsible for overseeing the Finance of the centre, the maintenance and grounds works carried out indoors and outdoors, the well-being of KISC properties and buildings, and the IT hardware and network connection of the Centre (computer, phone, internet lines.) As Deputy Director they work in close cooperation with the KISC Foundation regarding the properties, renovations and investments. A strong ability to lead people will be critically important, more than a detailed knowledge of one specific work area.
Apply for a job
  • Needs to be at least 24 Years old
  • Advanced written and verbal communication in English
  • Holds a driving License
  • Good understanding of German language, including the ability to communicate in German (or French)
  • Fully vaccinated against Covid-19 with one of the vaccinations recognised by Switzerland

Essential experience

  • Proven experience in leadership & line management
  • Experience working with and reporting to a board / Committee
  • Experience in strategic vision / thinking
  • Experience in networking / presenting on behalf of an organisation
  • Experienced in external relationship management 


We are looking for someone who is creative in problem solving, with a good level of stress resistance. As the World Scout Centre, we’re looking for someone who has strong Scouting values and believes in the KISC Mission and Vision.
Ideally, you will also have some knowledge of the following: Technical systems. Construction. ICT. Financial management

Main responsibilities

  • Deputy Director of the World Scout Centre.
  • Joint responsibility with the other Deputy Directors for overseeing the daily operations of the centre.
  • Supporting the implementation of the strategy as set by the KISC Committee.
  • Responsible for the management and development of the Internal Services department of the Centre which includes the centre’s property, campsite, shop, IT services, finance team and all technical systems.

You can find a layout of the responsibilities with an idea of the amount of time dedicated below:


Scope of decision making:

  • You will report directly to the KISC Director. At times you will also be required to report to the KISC Committee and Foundation.
  • As a Deputy Director, you will be expected to take decisions on behalf of the Centre.
  • You will manage a department, including up to 6 volunteer staff leading their own areas, and as such are the most senior role in that area.
  • You will have an annual budget accountholder responsibility in the region of 500’000CHF.



  • Accident Insurance (provided by the Centre): All staff are insured for accidents, both during work and private time throughout the duration of the contract.
  • Private Liability Insurance (provided by the Centre): This insurance covers any damage caused by any staff to an object or person.
  • Sickness Insurance (provided by the Centre): All LTS will get private sickness insurance if necessary. The deductible (amount each LTS has to cover per calendar year themselves) is, if nothing else mentioned, CHF 300.-. This insurance covers any treatment due to sickness.
  • Social Insurance according to the Swiss Law (provided by the Centre): Every LTS must have Social Insurance according to the Swiss regulations. This includes invalidity insurance, maternity leave and old-age and survivors' insurance (OASI). More information will be given during training.


  • A room in one of the shared flats in Kandersteg or in the KISC owned buildings, or a private apartment
  • All meals at the Centre, both while at work and on days off
  • 2 days off per week and 20 days of holidays per calendar year
  • A Swiss Pass (50% discount card for transportation in Switzerland)
  • Pocket money starting from 1,000 CHF per month       
  • Management and leadership training
  • Administration of work permits
  • Other benefits as detailed here on our website


  • Citizens of EU/EFTA countries do not need a visa, and the Centre secures the necessary work permit.
  • For citizens of non EU/EFTA countries we would need to apply for a working VISA for you to be able to work at KISC. Assuming you are suitable for the role and fulfil specific requirements set by the Swiss authorities, there is a possibility to get a visa for a longer contract.
  • The employment is dependent on securing the necessary special permission from the Swiss authorities.


Internal Services Director


Internal Services Director
As Internal Services Director, I had the dual responsibility of being a Deputy Director and having the responsibility for all the Internal Services at KISC: Maintenance, Groundskeeping, ICT, Finance and Administration. The range of tasks and responsibilities is comprehensive, with one common goal: providing support to all the other teams to enable them in delivering the best services to our guests. It was an incredibly rich experience, full of challenges and learnings, that helped me develop my management skills and creativity.