Paragliding above the clouds

Activity overview

Soar high in the skies above Kandersteg as you take in the magnificent views and revel in this special experience.

See Kandersteg like never before as your guide takes you up the Allmenalp cable car. Then flies you down in style, paragliding back down to where you started, a truly unmissable experience.


Times can be arranged depending on the weather conditions. Times are usually confirmed the day before according to the weather forecast.

  • Price Adult: CHF 170.00

Price includes paragliding and safety equipment.

Additionally, you will also need to buy a single-way Allmenalp Cable Car separately to go up before the start of the activity. You can find more information about the cable car - here.

Guest cancellation: activity provider's guest cancellation may be full price and can vary depending on the notice given.

Important information 
  • All participants must be over the age of 18.
  • Inform the guide if any members of your group have any medical conditions. E.g. Asthma, allergies or if you have recently received any medical treatment.
  • Usually, there is a limit of 90kg maximum for this activity. If any of the participants are above this limit, please let us know so we can try to accommodate with our partner.
  • This activity is provided by an external company. By purchasing a service of a third party you are accepting the terms and conditions specified by the provider. We accept no liability for services brokered through KISC which are provided by a third party. The invoicing is handled by KISC in the name of the provider.

By Foot: 10 min

  • Directions to the meeting point can be found on the map below.
  • Luftseilbahn Kandersteg-Allmenalp, Allmenbahnstrasse, Kandersteg 3718
  • Hiking boots with ankle support (no trainers)
  • Warm clothing - long trousers, fleece, warm hat and gloves (no jeans)
  • Sunglasses


Summer (Jun, Jul, Aug)
Guided externally
Kandersteg surroundings
Duration 1 hour 30 minutes
Price adult 
CHF 170.00
Price child 
CHF 170.00
Programme theme 
More adventure
Attractions & city breaks
Group size 1 - 6
Minimum age limit 
from 18 years