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Venturing high in the mountains and living, working and experiencing one of natures greatest wonders. That is the adventurous life of a Snow and Ice Guide. Anna (SE) tells her story.
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We spend most of our time either on our little glacier, walking up or down between Oeschinensee and Fründenhütte, or enjoying the sunset from the bench at the hut.

Spending so much time in the same part of the mountains we learn to spot little details; If you turn around 360 degrees there will always be something you haven't noticed before, the colour of Oeschinensee in different lights or a new folding in the mountains. Even if it's just the clouds playing with the view, it never looks the same.

The real rewards don't come from our surroundings though; they come from our work.

When at the hut we wake up at 7 am and have breakfast with the guests, before heading out for a day on the ice. We walk on this glacier several times a week, and we know it very well, but you never get bored of the face of a Scout who just stepped over their first crevasse or has just done their first ice climb. Their faces glow with a mix of adrenaline and happiness, and that’s what makes it all worth it.

Anna (SE) - Snow & Ice guide, Summer 2018

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