Planning your stay? Here are some updates

2023 is approaching, and we have some updates for you!
An update from KISC before the 100th Anniversary celebrations

2022 has been a fantastic chance to build up after the pandemic, focusing on the Permanent Mini Jamboree experience, and now we’re ready to welcome our biggest year ever!

If you’re planning to be staying with us at some point during 2023 and beyond, we would like to give you some updates in advance:



When you visit Switzerland, there is a ‘tourist tax’ included in any accommodation that you stay in – this enables you to do things like ride the bus in Kandersteg for free and gives you a discount on some of the cable cars and the swimming pool. 

We wanted to let you know that while KISC is keeping the same accommodation rates for next year, the local authorities have decided to increase the tourist tax rate from 1st January 2023 onwards. This means we have to increase the tax we pass on to you per night by CHF 0.20- for adults and CHF 0.50- for children. 

The Pinkies are the heart of KISC, and the catering team is the stomach. They’re doing their best to make KISC more sustainable by sourcing locally as much as possible and adjusting our menu to be delicious and nutritious. We’ve managed to keep our pricing of meals the same since 2008! Unfortunately, with the rising costs of food, energy, and fuel, we’ve had to adjust our breakfast and dinner prices. We’re doing our best to keep costs as low as possible to help you meet your budget goalsNonetheless, we will raise breakfast and dinner prices by 1 CHF from 1st March 2023. Therefore, breakfast will now cost 8 CHF per person, and dinner will be 14 CHF per person.

Following the pandemic, as the world is becoming more digital, we have decided to no longer accept euros, dollars or pounds at KISC from 1st January 2023. The ideal solution is to bring a credit or debit card to settle your final balance at KISC. If you prefer to work in cash, we will only accept Swiss Francs from 2023 onwards. Swiss Francs are available from ATMs in the village. The bank in town also accepts euros.


On-going Train Works

The Centre only exists because of the train infrastructure through the alps. 

The Lotchberg tunnel is 16km long and begins at the end of the campsite. The railway through Kandersteg is undergoing some improvements, which means there will be some noise adjacent to the campsite, particularly at night. 

This has been happening for the last couple of years and has not caused too much disruption. Nonetheless, we want you to know in advance, maybe bring your earplugs just in case! The work is due to be completed in 2024.




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