The place where you love what you do

If you are wondering what is like to become part of the international family that volunteers at the World Scout Centre, read Juan's experience throughout the last three months, as a Winter short term staff!
Juan Winter 2019

Sometimes being far from home, from your family and the ones you love might not be easy but at the end of the day here, you find everything that you’ve been looking for: new experiences, adventures, friendship and a pinkie family that will be there for you in the moment you need it the most.

The past three months in this magical place taught me a lot of things that for sure I will be able to apply in my personal and professional life, as it has also opened my mind to a world full of possibilities and adventures.

By coming here I can say that it is really easy to fall in love with the views, the mountains, the people, the village and all the different activities, but from the moment you go through the main door, you feel all those vibes that make you feel at home and that’s what KISC has become to me: home.

KISC is the place where you love what you do (as Bruce Dickinson said “Life is too short to short to do the things you don’t love doing”), the place that shows you that magic truly exists.

Juan (CO) - Short Term Staff Winter'19
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