Creating a Better World starts with a single action

Creating a Better World should not be a plan, it should be an action.
Today’s world raises our awareness daily on global issues.

Together with the World Scout Movement, KISC dedicates its effort to work and contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goals. 
As Scouts, we see it as our duty to leave the world a bit better behind than we found it. KISC’s goal is to bring UN’s sustainable development goals into action. For us, Gender Equality, Climate Actions or Quality Education are not simply goals on the horizon. 

As the Permanent Mini Jamboree, we strive to not just make promises but moreover take practical actions and be a role model to Scouts from all around the world in the creation of a better future. Through our operations, we set a statement on being sustainable and ecological in a fast-moving working environment. We aim to set high standards and take one step further into a more sustainable future. Because together, we are creating a Better World. 

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