Top 5 of our new website

Your journey to KISC starts digitally! During the past months, we have been rebuilding the Centre’s website with you in mind - all the Scout leaders, Rovers, young Scouts but also non-Scouts.
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Our goal was to make your digital experience much better than ever before!

1. Check the availability online

If you ever booked your stay with us in the past, you probably noticed you were not able to preview the accommodation availability in real time. This was an inconvenience for many of our guests. With the new website, you are now able to check the availability of different types of accommodation online and send us your request directly. 

2. Filter activities

Our Programme & Adventure page allows you to filter through over 100 activities. Now you can select from an extensive filter menu for an aimed selection of activities your group would like to experience at KISC. Are you interested in guided hiking activities suitable for Scouts and within CHF 15.00? Easy! Just a few clicks and you get the results! Moreover, you can share activities with your group or parents of Scouts via social media, or you can directly print them. 

Our goal was to make your digital experience much better than ever before! Katarina (SK), Project Manager

3. Cost calculators and online order forms

Registering on our website will allow you to access cost calculators and online request forms in the Booking section of the website. Select from the drop-down menu the food product, activity or meal you wish, calculate the costs and send us your request. The requests are then processed by our Staff who will come back to you with an update on your inquiry. 

4. Job & Volunteering vacancies

All of you potential future Pinkies will appreciate the Job & Vacancies section as you are now able to browse through all volunteering positions according to your interests. All job descriptions are published at all times so you can get an understanding of the different jobs at all times. You can also sign up for notifications when we will open positions. 

5. Useful FAQs

If you didn’t find answers to your questions on any of the new pages, try to look for them in the FAQ section. Simply browse through the different FAQ categories, or just type a keyword, and all the related questions and answers will appear in seconds. 

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