Fundraising Projects


Current Fundraising Projects

Here you can find some of the exciting fundraising projects currently taking place to help keep the Permanent Mini Jamboree alive!

New Staff Accommodation
CHF 0.00
Goal: CHF 1’000’000.00

Your support for financing the building of additional permanent staff quarters, will help KISC sustainably, because using operational funds each year to rent accommodation on the outside market, would no longer be required. This saving can then be used to support funding of the programme offered to the visiting scout guests on an annual basis

Donations and long-term interest-free loans
CHF 250’023.00
Goal: CHF 2’000’000.00

To ensure financial stability for the Centre, we are looking to secure sufficient financial support to make the Centre debt-free.

KISC Staff Training
CHF 1’142.00
Goal: CHF 50’000.00

To ensure that we are running safe activities, our staff must be trained and assessed before guiding activities with guests.

Climbing/Activity Tower
CHF 0.00
Goal: CHF 150’000.00

Having a climbing/activity tower on the campsite will enable us to provide exciting high adventure activities year-round.

Development of new programme related to the Sustainable Development Goals
CHF 4’461.00
Goal: CHF 100’000.00

While KISC has been very active in meeting the SDGs, new and innovative programme supporting the realisation of the goals, still needs to be developed.

Programme materials and equipment
CHF 20’000.00
Goal: CHF 100’000.00

To put any idea into action, the programme needs tools and materials such as ropes, climbing gear, GPS, construction wood, games equipment, etc.

Programme Support
CHF 779.00
Goal: CHF 100’000.00

Programme support provides Scouts and Guides with the opportunity to participate in adventures in the Alps.

Old and New Chalet refurbishing and renovations
CHF 116’000.00
Goal: CHF 630’000.00

Dating back to the construction of the first Lötschberg Tunnel, the Old Chalet is the Centre’s historic centre point. The New Chalet was built by volunteers in the 90's. They both need some love.

CHF 617’182.00
Goal: CHF 1’575’000.00

The essential element of the Centre is our campsite. For what is KISC without good camping? The 55 individual campsites can host a total of approx. 1500 guests at any one time.

Chalet Kreuz renovation
CHF 73’500.00
Goal: CHF 100’000.00

With the purchase of Chalet Kreuz in 2019 we could expand and save on staff accommodation.

Sunneblick building renovation and improvement
CHF 95’030.00
Goal: CHF 110’000.00

The Sunneblick is a traditional Swiss chalet that completes the ensemble of the Centre’s main buildings on the banks of the Kander river.

Refurbishing and renovation of the Kanderlodge
CHF 370’900.00
Goal: CHF 500’000.00

Kanderlodge is the newest addition to the Centre. However, it is almost 15 years since it was built, and it needs refurbishing.

Guest Kitchen renewals and extensions
CHF 209’523.00
Goal: CHF 750’000.00

Guest at the Centre can choose to cater on their own, using one of our five guest kitchens for guests.

CHF 15’000.00
Goal: CHF 50’000.00

While some things fit perfectly in boxes, others don't. Here are the projects that stick out from the rest.

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