International Rover Week - Winter 2018

30 Rovers from 17 different countries spent an incredible week together. Together, they went on Winter Adventures and learned about Scouting worldwide, lived together and spent an incredible time tying bonds for a lifetime.
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The sun sets and the official KISC flag is being raised to officially announce to start of the renowned International Rover Week – Winter 2018/2019.

It is the beginning of an incredible 7 days where Rovers from all around the World bridge cultures, challenge themselves and celebrate the last days of the Rovers 100 celebration of 2018. Looking around the circle opening ceremony it is easy to spot the smiles and curious Rovers ready to dive into this adventure.

“All my expectations have been exceeded. I didn’t expect to have so much fun and get to know so many different people. “ 

After the first night, it is time to start breaking the ice with activities all day. Breaking the ice metaphorically and temperature wise, as it is way below freezing. It’s a moment of becoming one team but also supporting each other with the temperature shock for some of the. Coming from warm countries like Honduras, Malta or Portugal and being immersed in this alpine climate for the first time is easier together with Scouts.

“My favourite moment of the whole International Rover Week was at the Winter Olympics when one Patrol hasn’t passed the finish line on the wooden – skis and all Rovers joined together cheered and motivated the last Patrol and crossed together the finish line.” 

Together” is definitely the motto of this International Rover Week. Ice Skating on a frozen lake seems scary? Well not if you have friends from all over the World supporting you.  Welcoming the new year? Definitely much better with newly gained friends.

One of the highlights of the week is the Gemmi Hike ‘n’ Sled day. The day starts out early with the briefing on what is going to happen today. Equipped with sunscreen, goggles and a sledge each, we take the cable car to the top of Sunnebuel, the start of the Gemmi Pass.
Divided into groups we hike for quite some while. Walking and sledging in snow? Easy for some, extremely hard for others but definitely worth for all.

“It was exhausting, I felt broken and I felt pain whilst walking. It was cold but so worth it.
It was amazing and got me new friends for life “

Our Rover Week Helpers have one last exciting activity planned, the official closing ceremony opened with a traditional Swiss Cheese Fondue dinner.
Mutually agreed the International Rover Week – Winter 2018 / 2019  was more than ever expected.

Thank you to all participants for making this week incredible.

The International Rover Week takes part twice a year at Kandersteg International Scout Centre. Winter or Summer, be part of an amazing opportunity for all Rovers 18-26.

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