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We have created your easy guide on how to book accommodation at the Permanent Mini Jamboree and Top Tips to consider when starting your journey to KISC for an exciting and memorable stay at the World Scout Centre.
Reception Team at Work

Your stay at KISC consists of a few parts such as the transportation to Kandersteg, the accommodation, the meals you will have and the programme you will enjoy. Here at KISC, your journey will start by booking your accommodation.
Mac (SE), Co (BE) and Arinya (CH), KISC’s Reception Team sat down and came up with a few tips to help you prepare your accommodation request.

“We are here to make the start to your journey to KISC as easy as possible, but it is important that you are prepared!”

With our new website, we have made your Journey to KISC easily accessible and tried to show step by step how you find your personal KISC adventure. A new booking engine, a detailed accommodation type description as well as a step by step guides are here to simplify your booking at KISC.

But before you start booking, we came up with some Top Tips on how to be prepared for booking your stay at the World Scout Centre.

Number of People

Ask around on who wants to join the KISC adventure and make sure to start your booking process with an as accurate number as possible.  

Room Allocation

Do you need special room allocations such as male/female or youth/adult? Let us know when booking so that we can meet your demands and allocate you enough rooms. It is very hard for us to change your rooms upon arrival, so the earlier you know the exact numbers simply let us know.  

Sharing a Room or Campsite

Do we get asked when the group doesn’t fill every bed in a room if there will be other Guests booked into the same room? The answer is no! We give our best to allocate the most suiting rooms for each group but if your group doesn't’ fill a room you will not have to share it another group.
On our Campsite, we allocate as well as possible, but it might happen that if you are a small group on a big campsite you might be sharing it.

Indoor or Outdoor Accommodation

Have you heard about our indoor and outdoor accommodation? You have the choice between a room in our Old and New Chalet with shared bathroom facilities per floor, a more luxurious double room in our Kanderlodge, one of our Group Accommodation Houses or our Campsite. Why not check out our Accommodation site, we are sure you will find the type of accommodation of your wishes.

Take it step-by-step

Don't plan your whole trip to KISC out before making your booking. We recommend to first send your accommodation request to secure your ideal dates. After that, you have plenty of time to plan your transportation, catering options and programme.

Keep in touch

Our Reception Team is here to help and advice you. One of your Scouts had to drop out? No problem! Adjustments are possible, simply keep us in the loop if you would like to change your booking. Don’t wait until the last minute to request room allocations, wheelchair accessible rooms or any other alteration in booking. 

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