Snow and Ice Programme
2 months
Start date
June 25 2023
End date
August 28 2023
Deadline for applications
Until Suitable Applicants selected
Open position

Snow and Ice Guides are staff who work at KISC during the busiest Summer weeks delivering high quality Snow and Ice activities that are both fun and educational. A Snow and Ice Guide should have some experience in alpine climbing or should feel comfortable with glacier travel and glacier safety. If you have not been staff before, no problem! You will be asked to participate in the general summer staff training which will introduce you to all areas of the Centre. Do you want to spend a Summer guiding groups across glaciers in the Swiss Alps? Then apply as a Snow & Ice Guide!

Apply for a job
  • Needs to be at least 18 years old
  • Is a member of an Association recognised by WOSM/WAGGGS
  • Communicates in English


  • Ability to work within an international team of volunteers
  • Affinity for customer service and guest contact
  • Experience in leading activities in an outdoor environment
  • Good communication skills
  • Positive attitude towards work
  • Willingness to work according to a flexible schedule


  • Experience with rock climbing, glacier activities, hiking or other outdoor activities
  • Experience in the KISC Summer- or Winter Programme 
  • Has an active scouting life
  • Ability to take a leading role and coordinate a team

Main tasks

  • Provide Snow & Ice, Climbing and Challenge activities to our guests
  • Ensure a high quality of guest service at all times
  • Facilitate the delivery of Jamboree Activities

Other responsibilities

  • Deal with any guest enquiries relating to the Centre
  • Care for all staff working at the Centre
  • Assist in other areas of the Centre where necessary
  • Clean of guest and staff areas within the hygiene standards set out by KISC
  • Flexibility in working hours according to the needs of the Centre



The position of the Snow & Ice Guides is a key one, as without their intense work the Centre wouldn’t be able to offer the Snow & Ice programme for our guests.

Line manager

The line manager for this position is the Programme Director. Daily work is regularly supervised by Long Term Staff from different teams. The Snow & Ice Guides have weekly team meetings with their line manager to cover operational matters and also has regular one-on-one appraisals.

Team management

Snow & Ice Guides will have regular contact with other members of the Short and Long Term Staff team and it is essential to building a good working relationship and honest communication with them.


  • Accident Insurance (provided by the Centre): Everyone is insured for accidents, both work and non-work related while working at KISC. Dental treatment is only covered if the damage was caused by an accident.
  • Private Liability Insurance (provided by the Centre): This insurance covers any damage caused by any staff on an object or person.
  • If you are accepted, we strongly recommend that you arrange your own private travel insurance to cover sickness, routine dental treatment, travel to and from Kandersteg, and other cases/material that you consider important, as this is not provided by the Centre.
  • If you are from an EU member country and have a EHIC-European Health Insurance Card, you will be requested to pay on the spot and claim for a reimbursement once back in your country.


  • Gaining new skills for professional and personal life in a multicultural environment
  • A fantastic time in the mountains with like-minded people
  • Accommodation at the Chalet in a room shared with at least 1 other staff member
  • All meals at the Centre, both while at work and on days off
  • 1.5 days off per week
  • One to two weeks of staff training
  • Accident insurance both on days off and during work
  • One Staff Night Out per week, a regular evening of programme organised by staff
  • All bedding and towels, shampoo, soap and other basic toiletries
  • Basic first aid items
  • Laundry facilities
  • 5 free overnights that can be used to host friends or family at the Centre while your season
  • Working clothes
  • Free Wifi at the Chalet


  • Citizens of EU/EFTA countries do not need a visa, and the Centre secures the necessary work permit.
  • For citizens of non-EU/EFTA countries who have not been Staff at KISC before, the visa process is more complicated but with a high chance of successful visa application. If you don't have a EU/EFTA passport, you have to be under 35 years old at the time of your work period, as that is the age limit for the visas we can receive. The Centre secures the necessary work permit.
  • For citizens of non-EU/EFTA countries who have been Short Term or Long Term Staff at KISC before, they are responsible for securing their own entry to Switzerland including Visas if necessary.


  • Snow & Ice Guides are volunteers and don't receive “pocket money”.
  • If a Snow & Ice Guides would like to stay longer than the agreed amount of time (listed in Benefits), they must pay for accommodation and food at ex-staff prices. After this period they would also lose the benefits of being KISC staff.