Maintenance, Renovation, Repair
12 months
Start date
1 September 2022
End date
30 August 2023
Applications Open
7 June 2022
Deadline for applications
30 June 2022
Open position
The Maintenance Assistant is responsible for working with the Maintenance Manager and the Grounds Manager to ensure the efficient maintenance and development of the Centre’s property and grounds. This includes projects such as room renovations, and general caretaking of the Centre’s facilities, grounds and vehicles. If you are good at handiwork and enthusiastic about working behind the scenes and helping the operation run smoothly, we look forward to your application.
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  • Needs to be at least 18 years old
  • Is a member of an Association recognised by WOSM/WAGGGS
  • Communicates well in written and spoken English
  • Holds a driver’s licence for cars (manual) and has driving experience


  • Ability to work within an international team of volunteers
  • Experience with general maintenance and building work
  • Ability to lead and motivate a team of volunteers
  • Ability to work  independently and organise work efficiently


  • Has previously been a member of the staff team at KISC
  • Formal qualification/experience relating to maintenance work (carpentry, plumbing, electricity, grounds work etc.)
  • Has a chainsaw license
  • Ability to communicate in German or willingness to actively learn it


Main tasks

  • Follow the maintenance plan for all KISC buildings
  • Working on specific projects for the centre
  • Regularly check and maintain all machinery and systems such as freezers, cooling, ventilation and heating
  • Maintenance and minor repairs of household machinery
  • Maintain relevant stock levels of all materials necessary for daily maintenance, within budget levels
  • Arrange the outsourcing of repairs to external companies when required, according to financial guidelines
  • Maintain safety, cleanliness and order in the workshops (including managing tools and equipment)
  • Maintain and clean the Centre’s vehicles
  • Carry out regular groundskeeping tasks as well as checks and repair work to our grounds
  • Train staff (including the safe use of equipment and machinery, bicycle repair)
  • Maintain good relations with external suppliers
  • Deputise the Maintenance Manager or Grounds Manager in their absence

Other responsibilities

  • Ensure a high standard of guest service at all times
  • Deal with any guest enquiries relating to the Centre
  • Run and develop staff training
  • Assist in other areas of the Centre where necessary
  • Involved in the execution of the Centre’s Operational Plan
  • Work and communicate effectively with all staff and guests
  • Flexibility in working hours according to the needs of the Centre



This position is part of the Internal Services Team at the Centre. This role is supervised by the Maintenance Manager and the Grounds Manager; these three positions work closely together and make up the Internal Services team.

Line manager

The line manager for this position is the Internal Services Director. The Maintenance Assistant has weekly meetings with the line manager and Maintenance Manager to cover operational matters, and also has regular one-on-one appraisals.

Team Management

The Maintenance Assistant will have regular contact with other members of the Long Term Staff team and it is essential to build a good working relationship and honest communication with them.

Staff Management

The Maintenance Assistant may be responsible for staff working part time in maintenance or on specific projects.



  • Accident Insurance (provided by the Centre): Everyone is insured for accidents, both work and non-work related over the duration of the contract.
  • Private Liability Insurance (provided by the Centre): This insurance covers any damage caused by any staff on an object or person.
  • Sickness Insurance (provided by the Centre): All LTS will get private sickness insurance if necessary. The deductible (amount each LTS has to cover per calendar year themselves) is, if nothing else mentioned, CHF 300.-. This insurance covers any treatment due to sickness.
  • Social Insurance according to the Swiss Law (provided by the Centre): Every LTS must have Social Insurance according to the Swiss regulations. This includes invalidity insurance, maternity leave and old-age and survivors' insurance (OASI). More information will be given during training.


  • A room in one of the shared flats in Kandersteg
  • All meals at the Centre, both while at work and on days off
  • 2 days off per week and 20 days of holidays
  • Pocket money starting from 450 CHF per month       
  • A Swiss Pass (discount card for transportation in Switzerland)
  • Management and leadership training
  • Administration of work permits


  • Citizens of EU/EFTA countries do not need a visa, and the Centre secures the necessary work permit.
  • For citizens of non EU/EFTA countries who have not been Staff at KISC before, we can apply for a 4 month visa, for 4 month contracts. The applicant needs to be under 35 years old for the whole duration of the contract.
  • For citizens of non EU/EFTA countries who have been Short Term or Long Term Staff at KISC before, there is usually a very low probability of getting another visa. If the non EU/EFTA applicant is suitable for the role and fulfils specific requirements set by the Swiss authorities, there is a possibility to get a visa for a longer contract.
  • The employment is dependent on securing the necessary special permission from the Swiss authorities.



Maintenance Assistant


Maintenance Assistant
Working as a Maintenance Assistant is such a cool thing, and the learning outcome is enormous. Working with the maintenance of several buildings, machines, service devices, makes your knowledge and creativity grow a lot! The job includes everything from fixing broken light bulbs to broken tractors, welding and sawing, repairing bikes, building tables and furniture and even renovating areas of the Centre. Besides my professional development, I have also gained skills to work in an international environment which is a unique and developing experience. So do you want a life-changing experience, develop your technical skills and enjoy the fantastic mountain life of Kandersteg? Well, what are you waiting for ?!