Why visit KISC

Permanent Mini Jamboree experience


Live the Dream!

The Founder of Scouting, Lord Baden-Powell, dreamed of one place, where Scouts can meet, live in peace and learn from each other.

Only 13 years after the first scout camp on Brownsea Island, the first international event took place: the first World Scout Jamboree. At the Jamboree's closing ceremony, B.P. said that he dreams of one place in the world, where this “Jamboree” feeling - feeling of world brotherhood, peace and international friendship - would happen all year long. His Dream came true in 1923 when Kandersteg International Scout Centre was founded. 

Why visit KISC
Why visit KISC

Meet the world in the Alps!

Give your camp a great international flavour and squeeze a year of travelling and meeting people from different countries into one simple visit to KISC.

The international atmosphere created by our guests and staff from all over the world is a great ground to learn about other cultures, overcome the prejudices and respect values of others, so everyone leaving KISC can become an active promoter of peace and diversity in their communities.

Nature and Adventure

Staying at KISC means being close to nature and mountains.

Adventurous outdoor activities are very accessible in Switzerland, and the Alpine setting is an important and unique part of Swiss culture. KISC’s location offers endless possibilities for adventurous and environmental activities, nature discoveries and trips around Swiss attractions.

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Why visit KISC

Scouting Spirit

KISC is a place where Scouting happens every day, where we enable young people to learn, develop and become citizens of the World.

At the World Scout Centre there is the renewal of the Scout Promise, essentially to 'create a better world' in everyone’s own community back home. For those who didn’t experience Scouting and are coming to stay at the Centre, we want to show the contribution of Scouting to the world. 

Affordable service

It is our dream that every scout would have once in their life a chance to visit KISC!

We know that, for many of our guests, travelling to Switzerland can be financially difficult. Therefore, we try to keep at least the price of our services on a breakdown level.

Why visit KISC

Our values

What values we hold in high regard?



Diversity aims to recognise, respect and value people’s differences to contribute and realise their full potential.
By promoting an inclusive culture for all guests and staff, KISC fosters and supports a spirit of diversity that helps make Scouting and KISC a great place to stay and work.

Youth Empowerment

By empowering young people KISC wants to encourage them to be active promoters of peace and a Better World.
At KISC guests and staff get an opportunity to develop themselves through physical and mental challenges, gradually increased responsibility in the work areas and by interacting with people from other cultures.

Sustainability & Eco behaviour

We aim to improve one’s ecological behaviour and on giving young people tools to take action for the environment.
KISC is committed to protecting its natural environment, minimising its environmental impact and enabling all who are connected with the Centre to engage with nature and Centre's environmental practices.


Every experience related to KISC should offer an opportunity to learn something new.
Be it through our programme, through meeting Scouts from all over the world, or simply for the staff to learn a new skill in their jobs.

Making people feel welcome

We are passionate about delivering unique guest experience as a Scout Centre.
Making people feel welcome and like at home adds value to KISC’s service. KISC wants to be a good host that creates value and make a difference in guests’/staff lives.

What can you expect from KISC?

  • Memories and friends for life
  • Breathtaking alpine scenery
  • Service Excellence based on Scout Centre service standards according to our values and principles
  • Hard working, helpful and highly motivated international team of volunteer Staff who always do their best
  • Wide range of self-guided or guided activities and programme advice

What KISC expects from you?

  • To follow your Scout Promise & Law
  • To inform us of any problems during your stay
  • To respect other Groups and our volunteer staff
  • To help staff with cleaning the facilities you use as we are a Scout Centre where we help each other
  • To positively represent Scouting, your country and KISC when in the village and travelling in Switzerland

What they said about us

We are friends with our community

There is a probably no other single place on Earth that exemplifies the Scouting Spirit more than KISC. The awesome scenery leads to appreciating the beauties of the world and the joys of the outdoors!


guest, programme, dunking
Super awesome lodging and camping. Clean, efficient, awesome "Pinkie" staff. Superb locale. Go Scouts!


Workshop, Fire, Backwoods
Thank you KISC staff for our wonderful stay. KISC was very welcoming and helpful. The view is amazing and the rooms look awesome.

Troop 225

Most staff are volunteers from all over the world and they were all friendly and went out of their way to assist us. Staying here has been one of the highlights of our Europe holiday.


Living the Dream since 1923

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