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Get to know the idea behind our refreshed visuals!
Painting Crystal on Tunnel
Maybe you know this situation: you are about to buy new hiking boots to replace the old ones you had for several years.

You walked with them many kilometres, and they became part of your adventures. You might look at a ton of hiking boots but then choose on the ones that have all of the same elements of your old boots, but they have enhanced parameters for better mountaineering experience or higher protection level. With these new boots, you would be able to jump on new paths, into the next adventures at new places!

Let's use this as a metaphor to describe our visual refresh project initiated in March 2017 - an upgrade of KISC visual representation, while sticking with the same values and vision, the same Dream of the Permanent Mini Jamboree but an enhanced brand equity while creating a fresh look, feel and message, suitable for the digital channels. 

Logo Refresh

We started the refresh of the logo based on a strong foundation of our previous identity. Thankful for the Centre’s rich history and deep Scouting roots, we retained with the logo’s core element, the Crystal. This key visual was initially developed as an event logo for the World Scout Moot held in Kandersteg in 1953.



Due to its popularity, the initial logo was renewed and in the 1980's used as the official logo - the Crystal. The Crystal consists of 6 fleurs-de-lis representing the six World Scout Regions united together in one Movement. It also reminds of a snowflake which symbolises the snowy peaks of the Swiss Alps.

Logo Evolution


The new blue 

Inspired by the environment of the Centre, the clear blue sky on a sunny day, crystal clear water of the Kander river streaming down from the Kanderfirn glacier or the magnificent Oeschinen lake serve as the basis of the fresh KISC look. The sky blue colour gives a feeling of calmness, relaxation and most importantly great memories of the adventures in Kandersteg. 


The new look 

The colour palette, fonts, imagery and new graphical elements were designed with the Scouting spirit in mind. Taking the environment and surroundings of the Centre into account, we used them as the core of our visual representation. Whilst walking through the Centre or Kandersteg you will find the inspirations to our new patterns, such as the scout neckers hanging around the buildings, the footprints left on the hiking paths or woods in the surroundings. 

Emphasising on the programme themes and our core values, we are visualising your adventures in simple graphics, so that there is less language barrier on your journey to KISC. 


How to get to the resources?

In the upcoming days, we are going to launch our online brand centre where you will be able to download files and guidelines to use for your materials related to KISC promotion or your trip to Kandersteg. For now, please contact our PR Team to access the artwork files.

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