KISC's Statement on the Conflict in Ukraine

At KISC, we are deeply saddened by the conflict in Ukraine. It’s shocking to see the destruction and pain being inflicted on our international family.

Kandersteg International Scout Centre was founded to promote international friendship, and we continue to stand up for peace, justice and human rights, doing what we can to support the victims of the conflict. 


This conflict is particularly close to home for us, having welcomed many ex-staff, members and guests from Ukraine, all of whom have been impacted by this invasion. This includes Yehor, one of our current members of Short-Term Staff. “I am very worried,” he said, “I’m always in touch with my family and loved ones. There are Scout families who are on the territorial defence and who are volunteering. Some, unfortunately, have had to leave their homes. Being in Kandersteg, I am doing my best to help.” 


As the World Scout Centre, our mission is to bring Scouts together to celebrate peace and friendship. In response to the National Organisation of Scouting in Ukraine’s statement, we are taking action to ease the lives of those affected. 



Fundraising to support those affected by the crisis 


Every Summer, those who participate in the KISC Messengers of Peace BBQ donate 2CHF each towards an important cause. In Summer 2016, we raised nearly 8,000 CHF for FoodKIND, a Not-for-profit created in response to the worsening refugee crisis and the deteriorating conditions across Europe. This year we are pleased to announce that the donations will support those affected by the Ukrainian conflict.  


Additionally, if you would like to support the World Organisation of Scouting Movement’s fundraising effort, you can donate here. All donations will support the response to the unfolding situation in Ukraine, where Scouts urgently need your support to coordinate the humanitarian relief efforts 


Opening KISCs doors to Scout refugees 


No one should be forced to leave their home or live in fear, which is why KISC is opening its doors to Scouts and Guides displaced by this war. Those looking for safety, peace and comfort are welcome to stay in the Home of Scouting.  

In past conflict, Baden Powell turned KISC into a refuge; we now follow in our Founders footsteps. 

We will host refugee Scouts and Guides, along with their friends and family, who have been affected by the conflict in Ukraine. 


If you know a Scout or Guide in need, please share this message. 


 We would like to thank everyone who has sent KISC and Yehor messages of support and kindness. We encourage you to continue spreading kindness to those faced with darkness.  

Together with your Scouts and Guides, you could think of ways to raise money or show your support for Ukrainian scouts and those in neighbouring countries who are providing support. The efforts that young people around the world have made already is inspiring. Baden Powell once said, “Try and leave this world a little better than you found it”.  

There are over 57 million Scouts in the world. When 57 million people come together for a common cause, the results can be incredible.  


Together, we can make a difference. 

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