KISC: A once in a lifetime opportunity!

Adam (MY), one of Summer 2018 Short-Term Staff reflects on the once in a lifetime opportunity he received whilst volunteering at KISC.
Adam, Tractor, Recycling

Being a Malaysian Pinkie here at KISC has been a once in a lifetime opportunity that allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and really develop as a person. The contrasting cultures and the way everybody is involved in intercultural dialogue here at KISC makes it a very unique place to be at.

Taking part and witnessing the Rovers Centenary celebrations, here at the place where the first ever World Scout Moot happened, made it extra special for me as I was the sole representative for the Malaysian Rovers. I spent the whole summer volunteering on the campsite where the “Permanent Mini Jamboree” feeling truly comes alive! From recycling to driving tractors or even doing random tasks on the campsite, it has truly been an unbelievable time spent with an amazing Staff team.

Even though we are allocated to specific teams in the Summer, I strongly believe that it is possible to experience all areas of the Centre. It was all the little things that mattered the most. Being able to guide an overnight hike up to a Swiss mountain hut or crossing a glacier for the first time, while interacting with Scouts from very different backgrounds is very special. Things that a person from a tropical country such as Malaysia would never imagine doing is possible when you volunteer at KISC such as climbing a Via Ferrata alpine mountain route, witnessing the mighty Toblerone mountain of Matterhorn and performing a song in your native language in front of thousands of Scouts from all over the world at an international campfire. I also had the opportunity to showcase Malaysian and Asian culture in the World Scout Centre.

My KISC journey has been much more than I expected, and it has been an amazing experience making other people happy through service at the World Scout Centre!

Z. Adam (MY) - Summer’18 Short Term Staff

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