Beyond what regular life offers

Saoirse from Ireland reflects on finding a new home in the Swiss Alps and on the adventures during her Summer at KISC.
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I’m taking a big deep breath as I start to write this; it’s much needed after 3 of the most diverse and captivating months I have just spent at KISC.

How do I even begin to describe the experiences that I have had? The craziness, the laughter, the abundance of emotions, the adventure, the pure adrenaline, the friendship, service to others and, of course, scouting. It is not just one but all of these things and more that make life at KISC truly rewarding and memorable.

Whether you visit for a handful of days, stay for two weeks, or indeed volunteer here for months, maybe even years; I can wholeheartedly say that this place becomes more than just a scout centre located in a pretty hiking village in the alps - it becomes home.

Being immersed in all things scouting is one of the nicest possible ways to spend your time, and life at KISC, the ‘permanent mini jamboree’, certainly achieves this immersive experience. As a volunteer here I’ve been given opportunities that my ‘regular’ life just doesn’t offer; I’ve climbed mountains, cleaned toilets, ‘recycled the dream’, fixed things, made friendships and memories to last a lifetime and have equipped myself with so many life skills that will help me to be the responsible, active citizen that as scouts we should all strive to be.

Being at KISC is empowering; nowhere else will you find yourself in an environment so inviting and encouraging.

I have been the truest version of myself while here and have been welcomed with open arms into a whole world of scouting and possibilities I think we sometimes fear to dream of. If KISC has taught me anything (and it has taught me plenty), it is that we should never fear to dream. What’s more - never fear to be yourself, or to go the extra mile, to test your limits, to do the things that make you happy and never, ever, be afraid to smile. Waking up at KISC every day surrounded by opportunities, friendship and scouting has meant that all of these things have become second-nature to me; I have learned to do more than just exist.

Saoirse (IE) - Summer 2018 Short Term Staff

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