Becoming Crystal Clear

Kandersteg International Scout Centre is proud to reflect on the next evolution of the Centre’s visual identity and website!
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Over the last decade, our digital world has been transformed through smartphones, tablets and social media.

Previously, the KISC visual identity and website were designed for the world of desktop computers and printed materials. In the last years, it didn't work as well for the new digital channels and tools. After thorough consideration, we have initiated projects to update the KISC visual identity and website.

With the evolution of digital tools, we aimed to create a design and website that will work well on smartphones, desktops, merchandise, badges and brochures, and that will communicate a modern and attractive identity for KISC into its second century.

The refreshed visual identity and the new website were launched late October 2018 with its updates reflecting changes in the presentation of KISC occurring gradually until the end of this year. 

During the development of these projects, we have heard our Guests, Scout volunteers and supporters, so the refreshed identity and website reflects both an alignment to our audience needs and our vision to create a Better World, of sustainability and peace, through international Scouting.

Why the refresh?

KISC’s visual identity and website were last deeply renewed 12 years ago. The graphic design industry and digital communication moved forward with passing milestones and shifted how our audiences find and interact with us. Entering the 95th year of KISC’s existence and drawing on an enduring Scouting legacy, KISC commits to remain ever current. The refreshed look and feel expresses the personality of the Permanent Mini Jamboree that is adventurous, welcoming, diverse and scouty.

,,A smartphone is the main gate to the digital world for most young people nowadays. To engage, attract and inspire them, we need a visual identity and website that they can relate to. Nevertheless, it also needs to speak to our more traditional audiences who prefer desktop computers and printed brochures. Our refreshed visual identity and website will be designed to be inclusive, consistent and work well for everyone interested in finding out more about KISC", says Director of the Centre, Felipe Marqueis.

The development

We are building on the strong foundation of our previous visual identity. As we are thankful and proud of the Centre’s rich history and deep Scouting roots, we retain with the logo’s core element, the Crystal that consists of 6 fleurs-de-lis representing six World Scout Regions united together in one Movement. It also reminds the shape of a snowflake which symbolises the snowy peaks of Swiss Alps you can see in Kandersteg. The colour palette, fonts, imagery and new graphical elements evolve in a way that reflects the Scouting spirit, energy and environment of the Centre, but further also reflect our heritage as the World Scout Centre. That means that the refreshed look will feel familiar, but with alterations and expansions with fresh elements making it more suitable for the digital era.

While the visual identity received a facelift, the KISC website went through a major reconstruction. Over the last years, we’ve collected valuable feedback from our guests, Scout leaders, volunteers and followers and incorporated it into the new website planning. We redesigned it with you in mind - simplifying navigation and booking processes, allowing to preview availability of accommodation, preparing smart filters for activities and volunteering opportunities, making it more visual and understandable for people with basic level of English, building a responsive layout for all platforms and providing more useful resources and information about KISC.

We believe that the launch marks the beginning of a successful new chapter in the Centre’s development!

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