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Has visiting KISC been on your bucket list for some while already? Does it seem like a hard-to-reach goal and you are not sure on how to fulfil your dream of visiting the World Scout Centre? Your journey should not be a scary windy mountain road but your fast lane to international friendship.
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This is where your Journey starts

We are excited to welcome you at the Permanent Mini Jamboree. But what does the Permanent Mini Jamboree actually stand for?

Permanent Mini Jamboree [n.]: The magical feeling of Scouts living peacefully together, learn from each other and have a memorable scouting experience.

As a place run by Scouts, like you and me, meet with all different backgrounds. It might be one of your many international experiences, maybe it is your first camp abroad. No matter which background you bring we are here to support you because KISC is easy to cross off your bucket list very soon. 

KISC is not an ordinary campsite, a few houses and several beds but it is the Scouting Spirit of Youth Empowerment and the will to create a Better World that makes it the Permanent Mini Jamboree a special place to visit.

Did you know

A visit to KISC is not a package deal! It is what you decide it to be. With the opportunity to create your very own package, not a groups’ stay will be the same. The options between Indoor and Outdoor Accommodations, Catering and Self-Catering Options to Guided Programme or self-guided activities idea make it your very individual and unique KISC experience.  

Why not build your camp theme around KISC’s programme themes of Environment and Sustainability, International Friendship and Exchange or High Adventures. It will help you to fully connect to the special atmosphere of the Centre. We want to inspire you and help empower your Scouts with Scout challenges and Learnings. This way you and hundreds of other Scouts will connect through the same ideas during your stay.

The Pinkies, our volunteers of the Centre, are eager to make your journey to KISC as simple as it should be and for you to be part of the Permanent Mini Jamboree soon.

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