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Members' Section

General Assembly

The General Assembly is a meeting for members of the KISC Association and is held every two years to decide the overall direction of the Centre.

As a Member, you have the right to attend and vote at the General Assembly and be part in the decision making to keep the unique atmosphere of the Permanent Mini Jamboree alive!

The Association is a non-political, not-for-profit and non-denominational organisation.
The General Assembly is the most important part of the Association's structure and takes place at the Centre.

The next General Assembly will take place in 2020. At this meeting, the reports and accounts of the past years are presented for approval, elections for the Committee are held, official legal issues are decided and decisions on large expenditures taken. Each member has their say at the Assembly to ensure the right direction of the Centre. Read here the Rules and Procedures for the General Assembly.

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Last General Assembly

The last General Assembly was held in May 2018.

KISC Associations' Members gathered on Sunday, 27th 2018 for the bi-annual General Assembly. Together they have set important steps for the future such as welcomed a new Child safeguarding policy, approved the consolidated accounts for the past two years and elected a new Committee together with a new Chairman. 

Download the full meeting minutes from the last General Assembly here!

Members' Section