The Short Term Staff (STS) are Scouts and Guides who come to work at KISC for one season. Winter Short Term Staff 2021/2022 will have the exciting opportunity to support the restart of KISC so the Centre can welcome thousands of international Guests and Scouts again in 2022! The STS team will work together with the Long Term Staff team in specific areas of work: Administration, Guest inquiries, Cleaning & Housekeeping, Catering facility preparation & Staff catering, KISC Shop, and supporting Guests with self-guided Winter Programme activities.
Short Term Staff, Ski Guiding, Activities
3 months
Start Date
5 December 2021
End Date
4 March 2022
Deadline for applications
August 31 2021
Closed position
Your application for a specific Short Term Staff (STS) or Long-Term Staff (LTS) position consists of the following documents. * Motivation letter * Curriculum Vitae (CV) * Membership confirmation letter from your National Scout Organisation/Association * Medical certificate (download and fill in the self-assessment) If you have any questions about the supporting documents or the application procedure, please get in touch with us:
  • Needs to be at least 18 years old
  • Is a member of an Association recognised by WOSM/WAGGGS
  • Able to communicate in English


  • Ability to work within an international team of volunteers
  • Affinity for customer service and guest contact
  • Good communication skills
  • Positive attitude towards work
  • Willingness to work according to a flexible schedule


  • Has an active scouting life
  • Experience in cleaning and/or cooking
  • Experience in maintenance, repair or grounds work
  • Ability to take a leading role and coordinate a team
  • Experience in skiing and/or snowboarding

Main tasks

  • Ensure a high quality of guest service by completing the busy work schedule of the centre
  • Prepare meals for guests and staff (including catering for special dietary requirements)
  • Clean guest and staff areas to the hygiene standards set out by KISC
  • Assist the maintenance team on different projects
  • Lead activities for KISC guests

Other responsibilities

  • Deal with any guest enquiries relating to the Centre
  • Care for all staff working at the Centre
  • Participate in Short Term Staff training and development
  • Assist in other areas of the Centre where necessary
  • Flexibility in working hours according to the needs of the Centre


Line manager

  • The line manager for this position is the Staff Development Director. Daily work is regularly supervised by Long Term Staff from different teams. The Short Term Staff has weekly meetings with the line manager to cover operational matters and also has regular one-on-one appraisals.

Staff management at KISC

  • KISC brings together a staff team of 20-100 young multicultural volunteer Scouts. Showing open-minded and understanding attitudes towards cultural differences and diversity are key traits of every member of the Staff team.

  • The KISC Staff team ("the Pinkies") represent the values of the World Scout Centre in their everyday actions, attitude to work, willingness to develop themselves as individuals and care for each other as a team.​​


  • If you are accepted as a Short Term Staff, you need to arrange your own private insurance to cover sickness, routine dental treatment, travel to and from Kandersteg, and other cases/material that you consider important, as this is not provided by the Centre.
  • Accident Insurance (provided by the Centre): Everyone is insured for accidents, both work and non-work related while working at KISC. Dental treatment is only covered if the damage was caused by an accident.
  • Private Liability Insurance (provided by the Centre): This insurance covers any damage caused by any staff on an object or person.
  • If you are from an EU member country and have a EHIC-European Health Insurance Card, you will be requested to pay on the spot and may be able to claim reimbursement once back in your country.


  • Find information about staff benefits on our website


  • Citizens of EU/EFTA countries do not need a visa, and the Centre secures the necessary work permit.
  • For citizens of non EU/EFTA countries the visa process is more complicated but with a high chance of successful visa application.The Centre is responsible for securing the necessary work permit. If you don't have a EU/EFTA passport, you have to be under 35 years old at the time of your volunteering period, as that is the age limit for the visas we can receive. 

The placement is dependent on securing the necessary permission from the Swiss authorities.


Catering, Guest Services, Serving


Winter Short Term Staff
There is a hidden place in the beautiful Swiss Alps that allows you to live Scouting as you have never done before. My dream started in December when I began as a Winter Short Term Staff. As soon as I arrived, I was astonished not only because of the wonderful landscape but also by the Scout life that you experience. It is a place where you share breakfast with a Spanish fellow, then work with a Brazilian and end up having dinner with a Scout from the United States. And we all have one thing in common – Scouting. Throughout my time here, I was able to do many activities I never dreamt of. I learnt how to ski, I hiked to the top of a mountain at -10ºC and played curling. I also met people from many countries with traditions and habits so different that would be impossible to describe them all. I left with much more than I brought. Maybe, my backpack weights the same, but the experiences and friendships don’t. There are things that only a Scout can understand, and this is one of those. I encourage you to be brave, live the dream and to build a Better World together!