Autumn Helpers

Closed position
Helpers are usually Ex-Staff who return to assist during a very busy period, over staff training or to help with a specific project or event. Helpers work together with the Long Term Staff and Short Term Staff preparing meals, cleaning facilities, and checking guests in and out of their accommodation. If assessed, they also lead activities for guests during the busy weeks. If you would like to come back to KISC and have a positive attitude towards working in all of the different areas of the Centre, we look forward to receiving your interest form.
Between few days to few weeks
1-30 September
Selection result communicated
On a rolling basis

2023 Project Assistant

Closed position
The 2023 Project Assistant will support the planning and development of KISC's centenary celebration before and during 2023. They will work closely with the 2023 Project Director and a team of remote volunteers team to ensure a high quality of project delivery. The assistant will be mainly working on logistics support, supplier relationships, supporting the 2023 remote volunteers, drafting concept documents, working with the Marketing and Communications team and generally keeping everything on track to ensure this is the best celebratory year to remember!
17 months
Start date
1st June 2022
End date
29th October 2023
Deadline for applications
15th May 2022

Assistant Guest Services Director

Closed position
The Assistant Guest Services Director works closely with the Guest Services Director to ensure an excellent guest experience. The role manages the guest feedback and supports the guest services teams to provide the permanent mini jamboree experience to guests. In the summer, the Assistant Guest Services Director is responsible for managing and supporting the Summer Chalet Services Short Term Staff. During the centenary year at the Kander100 event, they will be responsible for the Info Centre - the main guest contact point.
10 Months
Start Date
1 February 2023
End Date
5 December 2023
Deadline for Applications
31 October 2022

Autumn Short Term Staff 2022

Closed position
The Short Term Staff are Scouts and Guides who come to work at KISC for one season of 3 months. Autumn Short Term Staff work together with the Long Term Staff preparing meals, cleaning facilities, checking guests in and out of their accommodation, and helping with preparations for winter. They also play an important role in working with and leading the international work parties that come for a week at a time to help the Centre with grounds work. Autumn is the season to deep-clean all our buildings and facilities after the busy summer period.
3 months
Start Date
4 September 2022
End Date
2 December 2022
Application deadline
31 May 2022