18 days
Start date
22 July 2023
End date
9 August 2023
Deadline for applications
15 December 2022
Open position
BE A VOLUNTEER IN THE BIGGEST KISC EVENT EVER! - We are building an International Service Team (IST) to make this jamboree one of a lifetime experience for more than 2,000 participants! If you are a Scout or Guide with a positive attitude, hard worker and passionate about Scouting, come to KISC and be part of the biggest event we’ve ever had! Kander 100 is a once-in-a-lifetime Jamboree for young people from around the world and is the highlight of the KISC Centenary celebrations. The Jamboree will take place over 12 days, from 27th July to 8th August 2023 in Kandersteg International Scout Centre, Switzerland. Click on "APPLY FOR A JOB" to get to know more information about the positions and how to apply.
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